Dear Little Girl, What Can the Matter Be?

Little Girl has decided she no longer wants to go downstairs to eat. For the life of me I don’t know why.

Supervising from her chair while I work.

Instead she stands at the top of the stairs and meows pitifully. She won’t come downstairs no matter how much I beg, and she won’t let me pick her up and take her downstairs.

After one day of this it was all too much for me. I took a bowl of food upstairs to her and sat beside her while she ate. Now she takes all her meals this way.

I have watched closely to see if she might be ill; I’ve noticed no physical signs other than she seems to fear Graybie. So I bought Feliway diffusers and placed them upstairs. I distract the boys to give her some alone time. And when I’m in bed at night she lies close by.

This is her “leave me the hell alone!” face.

Of course I can’t help but wonder if she, too, has cancer, but what point is there in taking her to the vet? Both Buggie and Bubba had bloodwork done less than a month before diagnosed with cancer, and nothing in their results indicated anything was wrong. Besides, I wouldn’t choose to subject a former feral to invasive medical testing or treatment anyway.

Maybe I’m over-reacting. This month marks one year since Rumpy died and so it’s easy to see how’d I make a mountain out of a molehill.

Anyway, keep us in your thoughts. Thanks.

30 thoughts on “Dear Little Girl, What Can the Matter Be?

  1. It’s like PTSD for losing our pets. There are physical that could have her staying upstairs, and while it would seem sudden that this started cats tend to manage conditions–we call it “hiding illness”, but really they are coping with it–until they can’t anymore.

    She may have some arthritis and walking down the stairs is painful for her. Did you try carrying her down to see what she did when you set her down? Or is she one you can’t pick up?

    Another condition could be vision or even hearing. Vision is obvious, a loss in hearing can be disorienting.

    I would observe other activities and see how she reacts to walking around, jumping up on something, and the like, and see if those activities are modified too. Once you have a few more facts about how she is acting you can call your vet and describe, and see if a visit may help her.

    1. She doesn’t let me pick her up and take her down. I tried but she jumped down. I didn’t think of vision or hearing loss. I’ll keep those on my mental checklist of things to watch out for. Thanks!

  2. I hope it’s nothing sinister Jen. I can absolutely understand the mountain/molehill reaction. I need to take Beary to the vet, but just can’t bring myself to right now. Paws crossed Graybie is just having an anti-boy protest. xx

  3. I’ve reached a very similar point. i don’t even remember how many of my dogs and cats have died from cancer and never was it diagnosed except at the point of death. The ONE time we knew about it in advance and subjected that poor cat to medical “repair,” she lived a miserable 9 more months and I would never do that to another animal. I hope no one does it to me, either.

  4. It’s a big and concerning change. I’d react the same. It’s hard to know if it’s medical or stress- like did something spook her and she doesn’t feel safe downstairs. If she’s eating I’d give it time and see how she does. You’ve had some really rough times- impossible not to think about them.

  5. I’m very worried about Little Girl, too…..I’m keeping her and your family in my thoughts. still think of Rumpy, June Buggie and Bubba very often…I miss them…

  6. Where is the kitty litter? (Rhetorical) Wouldnt a trip to the et ease your mind? Obviously being close to you is a great comfort. It seems impossible it’s been a whole year! No Rumpster means no Jamima! Still so sad about both. Sad face, H

  7. Then again it may be aging, fearful of other more aggressive cats, or major cantankerousness. I have one cat (only 13 now) who decided several years ago that she was going to dine in the upstairs bedroom where she prefers to spend most of her time. She isn’t sick and isn’t afraid of the other cats but also doesn’t want to get into “playtime” with the younger ones. She will whack then good if they disturb her. She comes down once in a while to tour the house but prefers to be the upstairs cat. I open windows when I can so she can get some fresh air and the upstairs is a nice place. This behavior started as she got older.

  8. Sending positive thoughts your and Little Girl’s way….I’d do the exact same thing and humor her…..hugs to you both!

  9. Many hopes for Little Girl to be well, Jen. In the past I did have a cat who decided he didn’t want to eat around the other cats, so I would take his bowl into another room for him.

  10. Is it really a year since you lost Rumpy? It doesn’t seem possible
    Perhaps like Kate suggests it could be an age thing, and maybe Little Girl feels safer upstairs, especially if she feels she’s closest to you up there.
    Maggie can be clingy, and these days we are watching her carefully with her movements, appetite, breathing and bodily functions.
    My thoughts are with you, as our fur babies can’t tell us what’s wrong.

  11. Purrayers for your sweet Little Girl. A vet visit may ease your mind, at least. But I think around here there are encounters when I am not around, and they rearrange themselves accordingly. (It was better last week for a couple days when it was warm enough to open a window, but there is still snow on the ground today.)

  12. You might want to take her. She might have some non-cancer ailment bugging her. Best wishes and purrs….

  13. Was going to make a comment on your latest post but when I go there it gives me an error message. In any case, I do hope you can figure out what the problems are. Cats are curious that way. I don’t have any presently but did for many years and sometimes I simply could not figure out what made them tick. They can change the way they act and for us there simply doesn’t seem to be a reason but it probably is there somewhere. Good luck!

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