How’s Little Girl Doing?

Little Girl continues to act fearful.

So I’ve put calming collars on her, Hissy and Graybie. I didn’t put one on Yella because he’s already the most mellow cat in the world. I still have the diffusers going. And I am offering Little Girl time alone in the bedroom.

As far as Hissy goes, I gave up and took up the rug. Maybe later I can put it back down, but better store it in the closet than leave it down and let him ruin it.


So far, so good. Let’s just hope things finally calm down around here.

30 thoughts on “How’s Little Girl Doing?

  1. You deserve a calming atmosphere in your home. Too bad mellow Yella doesn’t have an influence on the others. Have you tried using some calming essentials oils?

  2. My bipeds had that problem with a particular rug. They ended up throwing it away. We never could work out why that rug produced that response from the cat!

  3. My son has a backpack that one of our cats will pee on if he leaves it out. Only that particular bag! We have no idea why. I’ve not heard of calming collars. Please keep us posted!

  4. You don’t have any stray cats that hang outside your place do you? That would explain Little Girl acting fearful and Hissy marking his territory by pooping outside the litter box. Just a thought…..hope things settle down for you guys! ❤️

  5. I have all my parts crossed for you Jenn. I was doing a bit of research about cats pooping outside of the litterbox; boys in particular & many articles said male cats will do that to show they are in pain from some ailment or another. Do you think Hissy Fit might have something wrong? You’re a great Cat Mom so I am just throwing ideas out there.
    I am really confused by Little Girl’s behaviour.
    I can tell you that the Feliway MUST work on Siddhartha Henry because Monday I took it out of socket & forgot to plug it back in. I went out with a friend for 3 hours. When I came back he went berserk & even threw up?!?! He is NOT sick; I had him checked. Once the Diffuser was plugged back in; sanity was restored to our little kingdom….
    Cats are mystifying!!! Utterly……
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

  6. I wouldn’t use essential oils per se – there are some solutions that are safe for cats (I just got a Jackson Galaxy “peacemaker” which is to calm a bully & prop up the bullied one.) There’s a Feliway spray and other similar ones. The oils you might buy to diffuse for humans can be harmful to animals (lots of articles on this).

    I think you made the right decision with the rug (win the battle lose the war…)
    Purrayers & POTP for you and all your furries – especially for Little Girl !

  7. I hope that those calming collars work good…..since almost a year ago, somany things have been happening to your family…..I fell very worry of your fur family, too……Yella Fella….he looks always so peaceful…..I always enjoy looking at his pictures….that make me feel good. 🙂

  8. Jen, I wonder if some strays are encroaching on your cats’ territory. Like, maybe some strays are marking near your door (or like your sliding door, if you have one)? Your cats would be able to smell that, since their sense of smell is so much better than ours. That might explain Why Little Girl stays upstairs, and why Hissy’s pooping outside the box. Just a thought. Paws and fingers crossed for you all. We hope the collars and Feliway work!

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