Some Kitty Photos

Here are some kitty photos.

These two are not to be messed with… unless you have food in your hand.
Uh… is that a zombie out there?!?!?
With warmer weather, Jen started working downstairs where it’s cooler. We help by looking out the window. 
My baby girl still wants to stay upstairs, but she’s not acting as skittish as she once was. 



14 thoughts on “Some Kitty Photos

    1. You know, if she wants to live upstairs, that’s her choice. I do close the bedroom door when I feed her because for some reason Graybie Baby thinks the exact same food he is fed downstairs tastes better upstairs, and will go for hers even if I take his bowl upstairs. Otherwise she lives a life of leisure lying on the bed.

  1. Beautiful cats, Jen. I especially like the black one. Of course, black is my favorite color anyway. Sadly, I’m allergic to cats; otherwise, I’d seriously consider adopting 1 or 2. I love big cats, but I would never try to own one.

    Have you heard of the book “The Big Cats and Their Fossil Relatives” by Alan Turner, with illustrations by Mauricio Anton?

  2. It’s so nice seeing your beautiful cats, Jen! Surely they bring you much love and happiness.

    I’m happy Little Girl seems to just want to live upstairs. As long as she’s not scared, that seems okay.

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