Yella’s Vet Visit

This past weekend I felt a lump on the back of Yella’s neck. Today we went to see the vet.

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

His ears were dirty and so he got them cleaned out and treated for yeast. He was not happy about that.

He also got told he needed to lose a few pounds (where have we heard that before?).  The vet said I was still feeding him too much, so now I’ll feed him once per day. This won’t go over well with him, but I have failed miserably with my other attempts to help him lose weight. I will give this a try and see how he does.

And he needs a dental.

So, what about the lump? 

It’s the red place on his neck.

The vet shaved his neck to get a good look. She didn’t think it was a mast cell tumor because of the S-shape of the knot. She is inclined to think it may be hives. I am going to monitor it for the next month and see if it grows. If it does, back to the vet to decide next steps.

Of course you know I am freaking out because both Junior and Bubba had cancerous cells in the neck area. But Yella continues to eat and does not act like the knot bothers him.

We will keep you posted.



30 thoughts on “Yella’s Vet Visit

  1. It’s hard to put cats on a diet, especially with multiples. My Hazel will steal someone else’s food unless I’m standing guard! Good luck and I hope the lump isn’t serious.

  2. Purrayers & POTP on the neck issue being benign. It’s so worrying to have something like that going on.

  3. We hope the vet is right and the lump is just Hives,then it will be one less thing to worry about!Good luck with the diet for Yella,Goodness know how difficult that is to get right,at least you don’t have to worry about hubby going behind your back and giving treats to him as well.I know how hard a battle with weight it is with Speedy…..sigh,xx Rachel

  4. What a relief!😊🐱 I was so worried about his lumps……I’m sorry that he has to loose his weight… me…he looks so cute but if we think of his health…poor Yella Fella….Sending love to him and his family from Japan. 💕💕💕

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