Imagine That! -a commentary

Facebook founder and uber-rich white boy Mark Zuckerburg has fought efforts to curtail harmful posts to his social media megasite.


He didn’t care when a pizza restaurant was targeted as the supposed site where Hillary Clinton ran a child sex trafficking gang.

He didn’t care when Sandy Hook was labeled a hoax and grieving family members called “crisis actors.” He didn’t care that years after the mass shooting, family members of those killed are still being harassed by the idiots who believe this shit.

He didn’t care when Facebook was used to target and kill the Rohingya in Myanmar.

But guess what he DOES care about? Money.

Thursday Facebook lost its’ ass on the stock market. To be sure, Zuckerburg and his gang of personal identity thieves are still ghastly rich, but they lost a lot of money.

Coincidentally, the day after, Facebook suspended Infowars lead liar Alex Jones from his personal account for 30 days and removed four videos from his pages.

Imagine that.

Image result for greed
From Medium article, “Money, Greed, and the Meaning of Life

Jesus may have warned us about the consequences of worshiping money, but he didn’t provide guidance on how to fight against those who exalt that false god. How do you wage an effective war against the likes of the Zuckerbergs, the Kochs, the Murdochs, or the Trumps who do such damage to our country in the name of capitalism?

I don’t know, but my secret hope is that I live to see each of them suffer for their destructive deeds.


6 thoughts on “Imagine That! -a commentary

  1. Actually, Jesus did provide a way to fight back against the elitist oligarchy: storm into the place and start throwing shit around. This “turn the other cheek” crap only works in theory.

    I don’t know what it’s going to take for people to get flat-out angry and start fighting back. I’m not talking riots and lynch mobs. I’m focusing on learning and voting. People need to educate themselves on what their elected officials actually do when they say X-Y-Z. The “trickle-down economics” hypothesis has never worked and will never work. It’s amazing how many people get fooled into believing that, if we ban gay marriage and outlaw abortion, everything else will just fall into place.

    That the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that Republican-drawn voting maps pose no threat to voting rights and that Trump wants to prevent media agencies that don’t agree with from gaining access are true signs of a totalitarian regime in the making.

    Sinclair Lewis once said, “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the Flag and carrying the Cross.” That’s been happening mostly for the past 40 years.

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