Depression No More!

I met with my therapist this week and she made a shocking announcement to me: “You are no longer depressed.” 

Wow! Really? I knew I’d been thinking that, but to have an objective observer who knows me well to say so is affirming.

So what does a person who has suffered with depression for much of her adult life do now that she is not depressed? Here’s some of what I’ve done this week:

On Monday I made phone calls to people who have voiced interest in working for common sense gun legislation.

I called people Tuesday on behalf of Gun Sense Candidate Peter Joffrion.

I met with a state House candidate and discussed with him why he should seek the Gun Sense Candidate distinction.  I hand wrote post cards for a Gun Sense Candidate.

Today I am joining a local nonprofit to distribute school supplies to kids.

Oh, and let’s not forget I’m keeping Yella more active and eating less.

I’m staying busy, and it feels good!

In the past when I experienced periods of feeling good, I stayed in a panic, worrying when the depression would return. Today I know that while it may some day visit me again, depression is a treatable condition.

If you suffer with depression, I hope you are reaching out for help. You, too, deserve recovery.

44 thoughts on “Depression No More!

  1. I’m so, so happy to read this 😊
    To know you are feeling better and also are feeling positive about the future is fantastic! I am doing my happy dance for you x

  2. That’s so wonderful, Jen. Thank you for sharing this with us! I love that you’ve grown in your understanding what depression is, and in your knowledge that it is treatable. 🙂

    And thank you for all of your advocacy and action for important causes.


  3. Wow, are you fortunate! I’ve been fighting this thing for at least 15-20 years and have never reached remission, just short intervals of happiness here and there, but they never chase the underlying darkness away.

  4. I love this! You are so strong, and always remember that! If you ever need someone to talk to and reach out then feel free! I had severe depression when I was 5 years old as well as diagnosed with borderline personality. You are never alone! Stay strong.
    If you could please check out my page, and maybe a follow for a follow?
    Have a great day!!

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  6. I have been fighting depression for a long time. It never seems to ket up. I am glad you are not depressed any longer….

  7. So inspiring to see that though you are ‘cured’, you still acknowledge that depression may return but you have the strength to be stronger than her! I too have recently come to terms with that, and it was tougher than I would’ve thought. Thank you.

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