Yella’s Diet- 3 Weeks In

Time for a dieting update!

As you recall, Yella has been told by TWO different vets that he needs to lose weight. And while we had good intentions, his persistence and my depression meant no weight loss for Yella. But now that things are looking better for me, I decided it was time to tackle this problem head-on.

Yella and Little Girl have been more friendly toward each other and were even spotted playing with the ball track

Yella Fella is doing great on his diet! He’s getting used to eating less, and this morning he didn’t even try to steal his siblings’ food after devouring his own. He is more active. I snapped this photo of Yella and Little Girl playing together night before last, and last night I caught him climbing the cat tree! This is significant because he was having to use the portable steps to get up on my bed.

At today’s weigh-in Yella had lost 1 pound! That’s just 3 weeks on his new food plan.

poor quality photo but proof that Yella actually CLIMBED THE CAT TREE! OH YES HE DID!!!

He’s so proud of himself he’s decided to write a book. What should he call it?

Getting Fit With Yella Fella!

Dieting for Cats!

Yella? Is that You?

Hissy Fit Jones said it should be called, “If Your Human was Mean Like Mine, You’d Lose Weight Too!”

Hissy is such a smart ass!


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