It Has Been a Rough Week

It has been a rough week for survivors of sexual assault.

Listening to those elected to serve us (and their minions) denounce Dr. Blasey has been infuriating and incredibly painful. Seeing the posts of those who support and spread such cruelty has also been painful. I’ve just decided to unfriend folks like that. Life is too short to be friends with toxic people.

I have raged at the way this has been handled. How in the hell did we allow so many clueless old men remain in power, when they obviously could care less about so many of us?

Friday did me in. After Trump’s tweet attack of Dr. Blasey and Senator McConnell’s assurance to those so-called “values voters” that Dr. Kavanaugh WOULD be voted onto the Supreme Court, I found myself curled up in a ball on my bed. I was too numb to cry. I just had to be alone with my pain.

Sexual assault is horrific in and of itself, but the trauma that is heaped on survivors by those who would minimize or deny they were victimized makes it even worse. Even years later after the assault happened.


I wish there was a way to make people in our country show more compassion, but there is none. In the past couple of weeks I have been haunted by the notion that perhaps we Americans are not as great as we think we are, especially those of us who are white. All I see are a bunch of sniveling, self-serving, greedy bastards who could care less about the suffering of others, so long as it doesn’t impact them.

There is not much I can do to change that, but I can raise my voice and say this is wrong.

And come November, I will vote, hoping it will make a difference.

17 thoughts on “It Has Been a Rough Week

  1. I’m not familiar with those of which you mention, however I imagine the Catholic Church in the 60’s and onwards here have Been in similar disrepute. I think you are right with being white. We may have become the minority. (In a non-rascist way) Good luck at the next election. Cheers,H

    1. If being the minority changes this mindset that white people have that they are better than everyone else, then good enough for them. As for the Catholic Church, until those in charge decide the needs of the people are more important than the power structure within the Church, they will continue to heap trauma on the rest of us. One can only hope they finally go away, along with that imaginary sky father they all claim to serve.

  2. Amen. I was at a gathering yesterday and someone brought it up. I couldn’t believe it when a white guy said she probably deserved it. It was one of my friends (who I knew was very conservation but thought was smarter than to say something so cliche). I went bizerk. Kinda ruined the mood of the night but I did speak my peace. Loudly. Not very lady-like either but with no bad words. Whether or not it affects the confirmation, people need to take this seriously and investigate. Is there any wonder why women don’t come forward. BTW I’m sure this guy believes that Crosby didn’t do it and neither did OJ. We need more younger people and more diversity in government. We have a local election that is interesting. Old conservative white guy vs. young outspoken qualified white woman. So far the woman is ahead in the polls but there are 6 more weeks. Anything can happen. PS: I have nothing against old white guys. I am married to one. They tend to be clueless.

      1. Clue less is not really ok for them. My husband had 3 daughters so his perspective is more balanced. One of his daughters was a victim of date rape. She didn’t (refused to) go to the police so he totally understands.

  3. I always said by voting in Trump America has stepped back to the 40’s he’s eroding the rights of women every step of the way.Him and the establishment are basically saying that its ok to rape and assault women just for the sheer hell of it.I how that the elections start to swing things back to sanity for the sake of all those in your country,xx Rachel

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