An Ordinary Saturday Morning

This morning I woke up around 4:30 AM thinking for some odd reason that it was Tuesday. I got up and went to the bathroom, then started downstairs to feed (and shut up) Yella Fella. Only then did it occur to me that perhaps it wasn’t Tuesday after all. I checked the phone and saw it is actually Saturday. Wow!

Yella continues to do well on his diet, and he continues to hate it. His skin has started to sag. 

After getting the cats fed and the litter boxes scooped, I sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee and get my morning social media and phone game fix. I decided to make some chili so I got dressed and headed out to shop for ingredients.

I don’t know about where you live, but here in the South I have noticed that grocery store etiquette is closely related to where one sees oneself in the social class structure. For example, a woman my age who was quite slim and wearing tight jeans acted insulted as I stopped to look at products in the meat case, then she proceeded to block access to an aisle by parking her cart in the middle of the walkway to look at an endcap. This happens quite often in the grocery, and the perpetrators remind me of the people who have no qualms about driving slowly in the left lane on the interstate. They have this air of entitlement and act put out when I ask them to let me pass. I do it nicely, but I do ask them to move over.

Little Girl told those two to get lost, but of course they didn’t listen.

I came home, turned on NPR, and browned ground beef while I dumped beans, tomatoes, onion, green pepper, and spices in the crock pot. Then I made some cheese grits and sat down to breakfast.

Right now my apartment is filled with the scent of chili. It’s odd to feel wrapped in such a comforting smell while listening to the news of the latest mass shooting, this time in Pittsburgh.

Graybie has his own Facebook account now. 

16 thoughts on “An Ordinary Saturday Morning

  1. It seems the only peaceful place is home. My cats try to trick me into getting up early too. Unfortunately it often works. As for your grocery store person, I’ve taken to pushing their cart out of the way sometimes with their purse in it. I figure if they are rude, I can be too. I can almost smell your chili! 🙂

  2. I drive by the synagogue every day. To have that happen in such a peaceful, diverse part of my town is horrifying. I thought I was numb to all the mess in the world until it happened too close to home.

  3. Chili is good comfort food in this day and age of white nationalists and anti-Semitic cretins. Before long the sheer number of mass shootings will no longer register outrage because we’ve become accustomed to the tragedy, much like the tweet storms. #newnorm 🤬

  4. We had those skinny-in-tight-jeans types in New York too. I’m very lucky I hate shopping, because when other shoppers at Publix (and before that King Kullen) see me coming they get the heck out of the way. It’s just safer for them that way. [Sarcasm Intended]

    But the synagogue shooting… A house of worship should be a house of peace. Worshipers should not have to arm themselves. Instead of being afraid, the shooting has moved me to take positive action. I am giving serious consideration to helping out with the security where my father attends services.

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