The Sad Story of an Unloved Cat

Once upon a time there was a poor, misunderstood kitty whose vet said he was too fat.

His human caregiver, being quick to believe the rantings of an educated human over her incredibly wonderful cat, put him on a diet. It’s amazing I’m still alive.

While it’s true that I have weighed as much as 25 pounds, and I was at risk for diabetes, I am no longer that big, loveable creature I used to be. Now I am a thinner, healthier whiner. I whine A LOT! I whine in the morning. I whine in the afternoon. I whine at night.

I have also become a thief. Jen has to watch us all when we eat because I gulp down my food and then go on the hunt for others who have not yet finished their meal. She used to could put it up high, but I’ve managed to scale every high place, save one.

I am hoping in this new year that Jen finally comes to her senses and starts to feed me better, or I may eventually fade away! Will you help me????


50 thoughts on “The Sad Story of an Unloved Cat

  1. Nope, sorry mate πŸ™ it’s cos she loves you. Please whatever you do, don’t contact Pippin or any of our other cats, it will only end in our tears πŸ˜€

  2. My cat Sid offers a sympathetic meow. He is one of the lucky cats. He eats like a horse but gains only in muscle and not fat. He looks slim but weights a ton when picked up all muscle and this cat can eat day and night if only I would feed him so much. He always rolls his eyes when I say – don’t tell me you want more?

  3. Text me your address! Going to Costco on Monday to pick up cat food and treats. I’ll send some in a plain brown box for you.

  4. Well, you did say that she used to put your food up high, but now you can get to it. Isn’t that because you are lighter and more limber because you lost weight ? So it’s a win/win !

  5. It’s good that your mom loves you enough to monitor your diet! I see ended up with a diabetic cat. She’s in remission and off of insulin now but, it took four years of constant poking! Twice a day to get shots and twice a day to check blood glucose levels. You don’t want to end up like my kitty. She only gets poked once a week now but, she didn’t like those 4 years, too much!

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