Why I Don’t Like You by Hissy Fit Jones

Dear Diary, Jen has decided to relinquish the blog back to our control, and now I have to come up with cute and funny things to say to humans. But why? Why should I entertain a bunch of hairless homo-sapiens that don’t care about anything but themselves?

Write a blog post? Are you kidding me????

Besides, humans look funny and they talk funny. They don’t have tails to share information. They just make a bunch of silly noises that make no sense to me whatsoever. And the chemical smells! Ugh! Stuff they call perfume and cologne, deodorant and anti-perspirant, and all that stuff they put in the little patch of fur they do have. It simply boggles the mind!

I do like my human, though. I like sit beside her and feel how happy it makes her to rub her paws over my furs. I like how she giggles at me and calls me a silly kitty. She even giggles when I hiss at her. Sometimes I hiss at her just to watch her response.

I should be taking a well-earned nap instead of struggling over a silly blog post!

So, Diary, I’m going to need your help as I get back into the routine of writing about stuff again. Like what’s the best way to describe how I like to jump in the middle of a cuddle pile? Or how I sometimes like to chase Little Girl just for fun. Or maybe how I am the only one that likes to share the Snap Pea Crisps with Jen? They’re made of green peas, which I think are yummy!

Oh, what to write? What to say?

Oh well, enough of this. Time to put my cute little freckled nose to the grindstone and pound out something for the masses. Thanks for all your help, Diary!

Much love, Lil’ Hissy Jones

24 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like You by Hissy Fit Jones

  1. Only the bad ones. The good ones feed you, let you sleep on the bed, give you safe and warm homes to live in and pat and scratch you. Fatten you up or slim you down when you have no self-control. Cheers,H

  2. Well Mr.Hissy Fit Jones, my well worshipped kitties are jealous of you and my malamute slept thru everything (till he thought he smelled food). Thank you for coming down from your pedestal to entertain us mere food bringers.

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