Where in the World is Hissy Fit Jones?

I know, it’s too long between blog posts. But, honestly, WordPress’ latest format makes it hard as hell to create a blog post, and it frustrates our typist. See this photo of me? She tried for 30 minutes to shrink the size. 

Rest assured we are all doing fine.

I got my teeth cleaned and now when I hiss I bare the prettiest white teeth in the place.

Yella is still dieting… and still complaining about it. The poor guy is practically skin and bones. Nah, he’s still got a couple of pounds to go. But Jen has included more calories to his diet because he gets lots more exercise now.

Little Girl continues to be aloof and treats us guys like we have worms. We don’t though, because we all got worm medicine last time we was at the vet!

As for Graybie Baby, he’s still a mama’s boy. Every morning Jen works at home, she has to take a break and hold him, or else he’ll annoy the crap out of her until she does. Then we all take turns sitting in the chair next to her while she works.


Thank you for being our friends, and we’ll be back soon…. well, eventually. Meow!

12 thoughts on “Where in the World is Hissy Fit Jones?

  1. Glad to hear from you all ! When I read the headline I as afraid Hissy had gone AWOL – glad it was just a figure of speech ! Purrs !

  2. I love the photos. I don’t think I would want to try to resize photos in WordPress. I always do that before uploading them. I’m not sure how it works but I worry that you will end up with two photos, the original and the resized one, taking up storage space.

  3. I added a plug-in caleed classic editor which lets you use the old format for writing posts, that might help.

  4. good to hear you’re all doing well.Speedy is good too still on his diet and exercise regime weather permitting.Though he is starting to age now…poor old boy has a touch of arthritis has been having a bit of trouble getting in to his litter tray in his pen at night so we have done away with that and use puppy training pads instead ,seems to be helping as he is back to peeing in his normal spot now he doesn’t have to jump into his litter tray at night,he gets a bit stiff when he sleeps and is a bit sore when gets up so we have to see if we can get him some joint supplements for bunnies and see if that helps.he’s alright during the day when he’s moving about more just at night its difficult for him.But other than that he is in really good spirits and happy,xx Rachel

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