For Memorial Day

MEOW! Hissy Fit Jones here. We’re enjoying a long holiday weekend. Let me tell you all about it.


Monday is Memorial Day in the United States. It’s a day set aside to honor the men and women who died defending this country.

Here in the South, this weekend we have Decoration Day, an annual informal event where folks go and clean up the cemeteries where their family members are buried. Back in the day humans had picnics in the cemetery too, but I think that practice stopped after the first zombie flick hit the screen.

For lots of people, it’s a long weekend that signals the unofficial beginning of summer. As a cat I never understood that, because summer doesn’t start until the middle of June.  Same with school starting signaling fall, when in reality it’s still hotter than three hells when the school year begins here. Maybe it used to be different before climate change, but I’m too young to know.

Because humans can’t celebrate anything without having a sale, there will be lots of Memorial Day sales and shoppers will be out in force.  There will also be cookouts.  How ridiculous!  People died for us, so let’s celebrate by saving 20% on a mattress and eating bratwurst!

Jen will be working her 2nd job some this weekend. She delivers groceries to people. It’s really hot outside and it makes Jen feel tired when she gets home. We cats will nap and dream of the humans who died and the animals at the Rainbow Bridge who provide them love and support. I like to think of Rumpy planting big, wet, sloppy kisses on the faces of soldiers and DeDe telling them how beautiful they are. June Buggie? Well, not every animal can be a support animal. Right?

We hope that whatever you do this weekend, you take some time to remember the sacrifices soldiers make. Regardless of your personal beliefs about the military and war and stuff, fallen soldiers have family members who miss them very much.

46 thoughts on “For Memorial Day

  1. You two are such sweeties. I always put potted plants on the graves of loved ones on Memorial Day.

  2. The pictures are so cute. I can’t get behind the whole “shop in honor of the fallen”, either. It’s disrespectful, I think. Let’s honor them in a more meaningful way this Memorial Day.

  3. I love the hugs photo. How good to see your kitties.

    I’m in PA but we always called it Decoration Day too. I always thought Memorial Day and Decoration Day were two separate holidays, just close together, especially when the federal government went to Monday holidays. Maybe it was all the second-generation immigrant families who lost the generation who brought them here felt the need to do more. Our town has a huge parade on Sunday that has every type of reenactor, and it ends up in the veterans’ section of the 150-year-old public cemetery for a remembrance ceremony and a rededication of any headstones that needed to be replaced or repaired, then lots of cookouts. I stay home and put out my father’s huge veteran’s flag and celebrate those who gave me the freedom to work in the yard or get to some creative projects.

    And after Monday, we can finally wear white! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Hope your human can get done with that delivery quickly and can come home a loll around with you!

  4. Try to enjoy your holiday weekend despite all the stupid things humans do to celebrate.

  5. You’re so right! It always feels wrong when people wish each other, “Happy Memorial Day.” It’s really important to stop and remember those who gave all for all if us.

  6. Once, the entire holiday was called Decoration Day. It was when I was a kid. It was called that because the end of May is when most gardens are in full bloom and everyone went to the cemeteries and decorated them with flowers. It originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. It became officially Memorial day on June 28, 1968, though some people always called it Memorial Day.

  7. You make a good point that we should remember, regardless of our stance on the military, that there are families that miss the fallen soldiers, and we should respect their grief. I have a rather anti-military bent, and I need to hear that now and then. BTW, I was raised in west Texas and had never heard of Decoration Day. I guess Texas is truly more a western state than a southern state (despite being on the southern border).

    I hope you don’t get too worn out shlepping groceries for others today. My oldest daughter has the same second job, so I know how physical (and sometimes scary) it is. Take care of yourself and give your fur-family a hug for me!

    1. I haven’t had any deliveries yet that truly scared me, but a few were frustrating (I’m still new at this). Mostly I wish people knew that at least for the service I work for, you may think you pay a lot for delivery, but considering the mileage I’m putting on my car and the time and effort I put into the job, I get paid a pittance. But for now the hours work for me until I find something better.

      1. My daughter made a delivery to what she was convinced was a meth house (empty home with lab equipment on the floor covered with a sheet, sketchy person reluctant to answer the door, etc.) and her boyfriend gave her a taser to begin carrying with her. Oh my! But like you, the hours and flexibility work for her.

  8. So good to see you and to always read your honest to-the-point posts! Back when I was a kid Memorial Day WAS “Decoration Day”……….you are right, that seems to have fallen by the website. Thinking of you today and always with love. Have a safe Memorial Day!

  9. Meow mewo what a Pawtriotick post Hissy Fit Jones! Not onlee cat-titude an guud lookss you are furry civic minded an did a grate post! If mee cuud, mee wudd sa-loot you!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  10. Great post Hissy Fit. Kudos for getting through it w/o meowing the word “happy” cos this isn’t a “happy” day, is it. For me the Summer Solstice is just another day. Summer starts when the weather gets so hot that I lose my winter coat and that’s started already.

  11. Thank you for this blog. I hope Mama Jen had a good weekend, and all of you sweet furries, too. xoxo

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