Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Hissy Fit Jones here with all the household gossip I felt like sharing.

Yella’s eyes continue to get better. The knots on his eyelids are slowly shrinking. Unfortunately, the steroid medicine drops Jen puts in his eyes stimulates his already insatiable appetite. He’s resorted to gulping down his food and then jumping on the counter trying to steal a bite or two of mine and Graybie’s food before Jen catches him and shoos him off. Then he cries for food. Please eyes! Heal faster! I can’t take much more of this!

Little Girl is doing better too. She even lets us get close to her and she actually let Yella give her a few licks on the head. Wow!

Even Jen is doing good! She is staying busy between her two jobs, but she’s not complaining. And she gets to work at home some, so we still have plenty of time to spend with her.

Graybie is still Graybie, and me? Well, why would I ever change?  I’m perfect just the way I am!

Jen’s mom’s cat that she thought was spayed turned out to not be, and has had 5 baby kittens. They are adorable and are almost old enough to be rehomed. Jen is contemplating bringing one into our household. She thinks maybe a little girl would give Little Girl an ally among us rowdy boys. Little Girl mothered Bubba in his final years, so we know she’s a caregiver.

But there are questions. First, is it a good idea to introduce a kitten in this household of geriatric kitties? And what temperament of kitty would be a good fit with us?

So, what do you think? Is it a good idea? I say no, because I want to keep being the baby! But Little Girl is warming to the idea.

Please be honest, and leave your thoughts below.

Oh, and if you are interested in adopting one yourself, just say so and we’ll post pictures.

Take care, and have a great week!

29 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

  1. I vote yes but it’s hard to say which personality would work. The really good news is that you could try one and it didn’t work, maybe try another. It’s not like returning them to a rescue. I wouldn’t go real timid but the older cats may not like getting jumped on to play either. You would know best. I adopted Morgan with Jake was already older (maybe 15?) and Mollie/Hazel were around 8 or 9. It worked fine but Morgan accepted the hierarchy of Jake being the supreme leader and Mollie the alpha cat. Yay for Yella’s eyes. Better to gain a pound and have good eyes than the alternative.

  2. I vote yes because you just can’t have too many kittens. Besides — the girls are a lot easier to live with than the boys AND sometimes a young one perks up the older ones and makes them remember how to play!

  3. I am glad that Yella’s eyes are better. I say yes with the kitten for Little Girl, but she may get along better with a boy kitten.

  4. If newbies instigate interest and rejuvenation in the older ones like they can in dogs, I’d say go for it.
    I’m not a cat person though, but think they like company and attention.
    Glad Yella’s eyes are getting better.

  5. Once when we brought a kitten into our home we had two older toms, and it went very well. Later when we had four cats, that was one of the most harmonious group we ever had. So I say go for it, adopt a kitten!

  6. You might consider adopting two of the kittens – they will entertain each other rather than making life crazy for the older cats. Just a thought.

  7. I’m glad everyone is doing better. I think introducing a kitten can add renewed energy into an older cat’s life . . . sometimes. Other times it could just stress them out. It all depends on the older cat’s personality as well as the kitten. If your cats like the company of other cats than it might be a good fit. Also, a kitten is less of a threat to anyone so introducing one tend to be less problematic than introducing an adult cat.

  8. We’re so happy to read all this good news! As for the possibility of adding a new kitten, we vote “yes!” If you do the introductions slowly, we bet everyone will be fine. Gracie is about 19, and Ava is around 2. They get along well — both respectful of each other. Sometimes Gracie even more pep in her step now. 🙂

  9. I don’t know about the extra kitty – it’s hard to understand cats! When the bipeds introduced Mulberry they tried to stop him leaping on Pippin all the time. The first time that Mulberry let Pippin walk by without leaping on him, Pippin turned back and leapt on Mulberry for a game after always pretending he hated it! After that the bipeds let them just sort it out for themselves.

  10. Great news about Yella’s eyes — we know the problem about appetite! A new kitten might be what you all need — careful perusal of their characters a must but as they’re not ferral, it should be much easier to incorporate them into the household. Very exciting 😀

  11. Glad Yella’s eyes are getting better. You can worry about the weight later. His eyes are more important. One thing I remember about kittens is that they are nuts. They jump on everything and do zoomies a lot. Forget your cats, are you ready for that? And will Hissy be okay with it or will he throw more hissies? Good luck with whatever you choose.

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