Eye Update

Hello! Yella Fella here.

After breakfast, I went back to bed!

Yesterday I went back to see that eye vet doctor. She said my eyes weren’t getting any better and she prescribed steroid tablets. I have to go back again next week.

I don’t like this vet doctor. She looks at my eyes with a funny contraption on her head, and this time she even weighed me! I hadta wiggle and squirm to let her know I was displeased. At least she didn’t take my temperature.

Helping Jen break beans

Keep those positive, healing vibes coming my way, because I want this next visit to be the last!

21 thoughts on “Eye Update

  1. Love & loud purring from us! At the moment, there’s a dozen of us again so we’ve got all 48 paws crossed for your eye to be better than new. Violetta sympathizes about all eye problems since she only has one. She says she can see just fine out of it, though, and you’re a very handsome boy!

    Those beans look yummy. We knew a dog who would eat green beans before they were even cooked. What’s Jen going to make with them? Daylight Beans are pretty tasty and the recipe is easy. You just put them in a pot with some onions and a bit of bacon (not for you, tho, we know) and cook the daylights out of them. mol

  2. I hope this does the trick for you.

    I’m pleased for you that you didn’t have your temperature taken. I hate that! And I have every sympathy for cats on this as my cats pointed out to me that the vet uses the same size thermometer on them as on me! Ouch!

  3. I am sorry your eyes are not improving. I hope the steroids help. Unfortunately, they are going to make you hungry. XO

  4. Meow meow mee iss with you Yella Fella….mee hopess THE next Vet vizzit iss yore last an THE meddycin helpss yore eyess. Yore a reel true-purr!
    Yore so guud to help Miss Jen with THE beenss too!
    **purrsss** BellaDharma

  5. Sending TONS of POTP for you!!!! We know that POTP WORKS!! Our Dakota has been to the Vet a zillion times since the end of May and was just there this past Tuesday, so we TOTALLY get it!!! It’s hard when they get older, that’s for sure! xoxo

  6. Oh no….poor Yella…..keeping positive and healing vibes to your way dear Yella Fella. 🐱💖

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