Sorry to Leave you Hanging…

Yella’s surgery was a rousing success!

He had to wear a cone for several days and Jen put ointment in his eyes for a couple weeks, but look at him now!


The biopsy results confirmed granulominous conjunctivitis.  Yella’s going to remain on lysine forever I guess, so help prevent another flare-up, because this could happen to him again.

We are all so happy for Yella, but no one is more happy than the big guy himself!




48 thoughts on “Sorry to Leave you Hanging…

  1. I’m so glad to hear this! It’s great when the medicine and surgery WORK like they should.

    Bonnie is losing her sight from chronic non-repairable dry eye and deaf because well, who knows. But she gets around pretty well, as long as we don’t take her somewhere new.

  2. “For he’s a Jolly Good Yella
    For he’s a Jolly Good Yella
    For he’s a Jolly Good Yella
    So say all of us!!”

    This is the best news we’ve heard in a long time! Lots of love & happy purring coming your way!
    Rocket, Daisy, Nick, Violet, Colby, Tiki, Amy, George, Joey, Duckie and our newest member Holly by Golly

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