Jen Bought a New Toy!

Jen did something she’s never done before: she pre-ordered the latest iPhone. It came in the mail yesterday and she has been getting used to it.

A Fine and Mellow Yella Fella

She’s not so sure she likes the facial recognition. But she LOVES the camera! Think you will too after you see these photos.

Little Girl

No, this is not an advertisement for Apple. But it is an advertisement for therapy, because it’s through a combination of talk and medication therapies that she’s come to the place where she feels she’s worth the cost of the latest contraption.

Graybow, aka Graybie Baby

But the most important thing is, what do you think about our photos? Don’t we look amazing!!!!

Hissy Fit Jones and Jen- see! I don’t hiss at her ALL the time!

17 thoughts on “Jen Bought a New Toy!

  1. Awesome photos! We think it’s great that Jen is learning that she is a wonderful and amazing human being, and that it is fine to treat herself sometimes. 🙂

  2. Jen that’s great to hear. With all you do and all the love you give you deserve to give yourself something nice. I love ❤️ the photos.

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