KNN Reports…

With all the news that I feel like printing, I’m Yella Fella for the Kitty News Network.

Jen took this photo this morning and noticed some redness around my left eye. A cursory check revealed a knot forming on my eyelid. It appears to be on the outside of the eyelid, but she is concerned all the same. She will be calling the vet Monday to schedule an appointment for me.

Jen went to the farmers market today and came home with yet another kitty. At least this one doesn’t eat Fancy Feast. Meet Felicity, a Patio Pet created by recycling a stuffed animal.  Felicity is still deciding where she will want to hang out.  Hissy Fit Jones is not amused.

And now with the weather, it’s Hissy Fit Jones.

Thanks, Big Guy. It’s finally turning cool outside. Soon the heat will be on and we can take turns napping on top of the vents.

Now back to you, Yella!

Thanks, Hissy.  And finally, we have just learned that Christmas is coming! Even though it’s early and Halloween hasn’t happened yet, we’re getting in the holiday spirit. Mostly because we can’t go trick-or-treating, and even if we could, nobody ever gives out fishy treats!

We’ll be thinking hard about what we’re gonna ask Santa for this year. We’ll keep you posted!

That’s it for now from KNN- the Kitty News Network!

29 thoughts on “KNN Reports…

  1. EEKKKK!!! Yella Fella mee so sad you have sumthin growin again on yore eyelid!! Pleese run to THE Vet with Miss Jen an have it checked out OKay??? An if you an Hissy Fit Joness came here fore halloweeny you wuud get all THE fishy treetss you cuud eat!!
    An Hissy Fit Joness it sure has kewled off here….bbrrr….heet iss on!
    As for Felicity shee iss purrty Kewl Miss Jen! LadyMew reelly likess THE idea of ree-purrposin a stuffie!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiesss}} LadyMew

  2. We hope the Eye thing is sorted quickly for you Yella so fingers and paws are crossed for you here.Yep Christmas is coming so you know what that means don’t ya?My Christmas Countdown is Coming too!Yippee,xx Speedy

  3. I hope your eye gets resoved quickly.

    The weather here turned cool a few weeks ago, we’ve even had a frost. The cats are cuddling the radiators again!

  4. Yella, it sounds like you may have allergies to a run or something in your house. TW gets a stye or chalazion constantly cos she has allergies and frankly she’s not the best at dusting and housekeeping. I don’t think you’d like warm compresses on the eye.

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