Coronavirus and the Clueless

I live in Alabama. This state votes Republican because… well, just because. Lots of people carry guns on them. Not sure why. I’ve never found myself in a situation where I felt I needed one. Lots of people here love them some Jesus. This weekend a Trump 2020 bus was parked in a lot just off the main drag selling pro-Trump gear to the faithful.

Typical Alabamians fit one or more of these categories. They also like to feel and act morally superior on those of us who don’t, but that’s not what I want to talk about today.

Hissy frequently reminds me that I am needed around here so I must take care of my health,

Today I want to talk about coronavirus, or COVID-19. Friday morning Alabama had no confirmed cases. As of Sunday evening we have 22, including one in the county where I live. I am afraid, but I am also in awe of Mother Nature. She found a way to put us in our place and we can’t buy or shoot our way out of danger.

Today where I live those God-fearing, gun-toting Republicans went to church and then out to eat like they usually do. Not all of them, but a significant number of them did. Then they went to Walmart and Publix and Aldi to buy groceries and to talk to each other about how this is all crazy and a big to-do about nothing.

Today I went unarmed into Walmart and Publix and Aldi. I shopped for and delivered groceries around the county. I delivered to several mothers of young children. An older woman on oxygen. A woman who uses a wheelchair and was upset because Walmart was out of her diabetic test strips and she doesn’t know when or where she can get some. An elderly man who lives alone with his dog. A younger woman who just finished chemo.

While my family, friends and neighbors talk about how the coronavirus coverage is overblown and for most it’s just a mild illness, these people I delivered to know a COVID-19 diagnosis would likely be a death sentence. If I were to contract COVID-19 I would likely live through it, but I could have lung damage that diminishes my quality of life and the ability to support myself.

So I have taken it upon myself to school folks who make ignorant and ill-informed comments about the pandemic.

On numerous occasions young people have commented to me that it’s really not that bad. My response? “Maybe for you. But I’m older. For me it’s a VERY big deal.”

Tonight at the gas pump a fellow struck up a conversation and admitted there was lots of confusing information out there. I replied that I keep it simple. There are older people in my family I don’t want to give it to, so I will play it safe. He agreed that was the best way to go.

And those that say it’s all fake news? I remind them that the Stock Market doesn’t typically tank over fake news, so maybe they should pay attention.

These next few weeks are going to be stressful, so hang tough, be supportive of each other, and talk to others about why you’re taking this pandemic seriously and they should too.


31 thoughts on “Coronavirus and the Clueless

  1. I’m in Washington where it probably all started…Thank you for helping others. I’m doing the same thing here! People need to take things seriously.
    Stay safe out there!

  2. Sadly from what I read America has done little to protect its citizens. I hope you stay safe and well and that this threat is over sooner rather than later.

  3. Amen. I think a lot of young people also think they’re invincible and don’t consider they could be carriers. We actually have 35 cases here now and many are under the age of 30. This cockiness and sense of invincibility will end. I just hope it ends before the people you help get sick. I pray for my mom, aunt and my friend’s parents.
    I am at risk, but less than someone with diabetes or an existing health issue. I pray we all care for one another and help one another through this.

  4. There have been 100 confirmed cases in Georgia so far. We did go about our business this weekend. We took Lysol wipes with us to wipe down carts and tables in restaurants. We kept our distance. We bought only what we needed, stocking up on cat food and litter. Now that the weekend is over, we will be housebound all week. We delivered food to both of our mothers and checked in on some friends in need. Our sons (22 & 25) understand the gravity of the situation. They are very aware of what they need to do. This isn’t rocket science. This isn’t a hoax propagated by a left wing socialist group. This is a worldwide pandemic. Be kind to yourself and others. Just stay home!

  5. Alabama, like many other states, votes Republican to this day because Lyndon Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Johnson conceded his administration had practically handed the entire South over to the GOP as a result of his morally and socially conscious decisions. Oh well…eventually (I hope) many of your fellow southerners will realize the folly of voting Republican.

    I venture into suburban Dallas-area establishments unarmed; plus, I don’t suffer from “hamster penis syndrome”. That’s a real psychological condition, although medicine hasn’t officially documented it yet. As I write this, my mother is in trapped in a rehab facility because she suffered a minor stroke back in January. On Friday, the facility banned visitors “until further notice.” I’m worried for my mother’s safety and welfare. My primal instincts order me to barge into the building and remove her. Currently, a close friend who is HIV+ is visiting. He lives outside of Dallas and has a doctor appointment in Dallas on Monday, the 16th. I gave him a hug earlier and told him I’m not scared.

    I’m imbibing in an old-fashioned screwdriver, as I write. I’m also stocked up on various food and bathroom supplies – not due to COVID-19, but due to my own tendency to avoid crowds at a store. Washing my hands frequently is not a foreign practice to me. I keep thinking, if people had engaged in my level of personal hygiene, COVID-19 would just be a minor annoyance.

    I truly hope you and the kids are doing well, Jen. Stay strong, sane and clean!

  6. The number of deaths here almost doubled overnight. Some people here are very worried because we don’t feel our government are taking our safety seriously. Others, especially younger people, think it’s all a fuss over nothing. Italy are reporting an increasing number of young people being ill enough to need hospital treatment, so maybe that will make them think.

  7. I would like to say that I love me some Jesus… didn’t go to church this Sunday, don’t carry a gun, and couldn’t begin to understand the president- or my sister’s and brothers who support him. Stay safe as best you can. I know you matter. I am staying home as much as possible.

  8. it makes me angry people with money are buying up everything in the shops, some of us cant afford to buy lots, some of us have to wait until money comes in. ive got an fb friend whos disabled, she shops online but half of what she wants isnt available, the delivery slots are now becoming rare, many weeks before next delivery available. shes got no choice but to drag herself round shops to try and find what she needs. i worry about corona, i dont know how it could affect me, i have asthma, its usually quite well controlled. mum has copd, heart condition and diabetes… they think if anything out of the 3 the copd puts her most at risk if she gets corona. we heard people are going to the shops as soon as they open to take all the toilet rolls, we are down to about 2 weeks supply so we are now looking for some, nothing, one shop had plenty in at 10am yesterday, by time we got there at 1ish none left. last week we noticed we were low on handwash, normally buy 2 x 500ml, struggle to find any, when we did we found a few small bottles which cost more than our usual big bottle (more expensive brand) – had no choice but to pay a bit extra, cant afford to do that on everything though. yesterday mum found a big bottle for the same price we paid for a small one so she got it. its a kids one apparently…its strawberry, i look forward to using that lol, my hands will smell lovely.

  9. Your post was spot on though it could probably describe most states. This country has operated on the foundation block of fear as the general overriding rule since 9-11, that it’s practically now imprinted in our DNA. While I can’t control those who don’t believe in the epidemic, all too often find they frequently are those folks who wipe out the shelves of TP, I feel that I have a moral duty to stay informed based on legitimate medical science and to use common sense while dealing with this epidemic. Till the world gets a handle on this, I need to surround myself with posts like this to help me get through it all. Everyone has their own cross to bear, some are just burdened with the extra load of stupidity and thoughtlessness. Stay safe, keep smiling and hugs those fur babies.

  10. As always you are SPOT ON. Thank you for this post!!!! I am seeing TONS of people on Facebook who think this is a hoax (a hoax for the upcoming election)…….and we all know who started THAT! I am 64 years old, my husband is 70…….we are taking this EXTREMELY seriously as you are. I may not always be around, but please know I ALWAYS love your candor, intelligence and “tell it like it is” ways. Thank you! Stay healthy! xoxo

  11. Well put. I doubt if I could have been so cal and diplomatic.
    Plus, it dawned aon me – after years of flu shots as a grade school teacher, cafe manager and counter clerk, I was now AN OLDER PERSON.

    Take care And thank you.

  12. Thank you for this post Jen! Thank you for taking Corona Virus seriously. I will tell you if I catch this I am a goner…
    I try to talk to people about it but no one wants to hear. It is all downplayed.
    The people you are delivering to are probably VERY grateful to you!! I know I would be. You are quite possibly saving someone’s Life! That is so wonderful.
    Let’s try to stay calm (yeah right) & support each other (I can do that)!
    WE gotta get thru this somehow someway!!!
    Sending you lots of ❤ Love ❤ & {{hugs}} Sherri-Ellen & ***purrss*** BellaDharma

  13. Jen, you are so, so right! This is a big deal, for sure. We’re just outside of NYC, and there are lots of confirmed cases all around. Best to play it safe, as we do not want to endanger our older friends, family members, and any at risk folks. Stay safe, and be well, dear friend.

  14. This needed to be said.
    Very important to not ignore.

    Got to utilize this as the opportunity it is! I’ve explored my own thoughts as well.

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Ironically,the young can be at risk also. They will learn. Hopefully it the hard way. It is crazy! And we would all be best to avoid getting it!I’m putting my fever own as hot flushes but you never know? We might all get it and no even realise. GreT post! Cheers,H

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