Welcome Home, Buddy!

This is Buddy.

Headed home from Ocala, FL after a rest stop.

Buddy is around 10 years old and his snout is turning white. He has rough skin patches on his elbows from living much of his life confined in a crate. He has arthritis and skin irritations. He was receiving treatment for these issues in rescue and we’ve already had a visit with my vet to ensure he continues to receive appropriate treatment.

Graybie, Yella and Little Girl are not the least bit fazed by him. Hissy Fit Jones and my mom’s cats are still careful around him but are coming around. Princess Little Bit, the outdoor cat, has already made him her friend and accompanies us on all of our walks.

Buddy sits beside me on the couch and looks at me like I’m too good to be true.

To those of you who said forget dating and get a dog, you were on to something there. Buddy hasn’t been here a week but I’m already savoring the feeling of having someone around who thinks I’m wonderful. I’ve yet to go out with any man I thought was truly interested in me, but Buddy from day one has let me know I’m the best thing out there and even if my mom does give him bites from her meal, he’s always coming back to me.

Which is ideal, because nothing else is going well.

My mother is playing Poor Pitiful Me because I dared ask for some space in my own home. It has brought back how she played that against me when I was a child, and how she got others to play with her. There has never been unconditional love in my family; love was dependent on how I pleased them. Go to church. Clean the house. Lose weight and be pretty. Don’t do anything to embarrass us, which ran the gamut from who I dated, who I was friends with, where I went and what I said. As I child my survival depended on appeasing them, but now it depends on me. If she can’t accept me as I am and respect me in my own home then who needs her?

After a life of incarceration, Buddy is ready for a life of couch-surfing, walkies and cat food theft.

Point Pickup, the company that I contract with to deliver for Walmart, decided to ban me from their platform yesterday after I complained about not being paid for standing around for almost a half hour waiting for a nonexistent delivery order. They then inexplicably reinstated me. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with this contractor job since I started it, but in the end I kept it because what I gained from it outweighed what I put up with. But that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Walmart may talk a good game about caring about their workers, but if they contract with companies that treat people like this, then they get to wear that taint too. I was hired last spring to be a Census worker and next week we start training. In the Universe, timeliness is everything, so I’m taking the hint and moving on.

I took the dating profile down. Right now I have a relationship with my dog to build and a home to get settled. I will try again. Maybe a month. Maybe two. I don’t know. I just know now’s not a good time. In my new profile there will be a photo of Buddy and it will state there is a requirement that a potential match pass the Buddy test. If he can’t show interest in me like Buddy can, he has to go.

So that’s all for now. Buddy is asleep on the sofa waiting for my workday to end so we can head out and see if Princess has left any food for him to steal. Take care, please. You mean a lot to me and I don’t want anything to happen to you. And coming from me that means a lot.

31 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Buddy!

  1. Years ago when my Mom and I bought a house together as she was getting older and our two separate landlords were going to sell our rentals out from under us, I learned that a woman who is living with her mother is always thought of as being 12 years old. Later on, one of my high school friends moved back home to take care of his Dad and I asked him what a man living with your Dad was like being twelve again. He said no, it was like you were 15 and just got your learner’s permit.

    Congratulations on Buddy ! He looks like a keeper !

    1. It’s amazing actually. The cats have been cautious but none have been terrified of Buddy. And Princess Little Bit hissed at him the first few times they had close contact but she was never so afraid she hid when he was outside.

  2. Welcome Buddy!! You are so adorable! And definitely fitting in well. I can just see you & Jen walking with Princess Little Bit down the street…it sounds heavenly…you deserve the rest of your life to be like this!! Walks & treats & good food & a soft couch….
    And Jen I think Buddy came along at the right time…
    You gave dating a good shot…it doesn’t get easier…I wish I could say it did.
    I’m sorry you & your Mother are having issues. I hope she finds a new place soon.
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma

  3. Well looks like you have struck gold with Buddy and all the feline inhabitants seems to agree! I am so pleased for you. I am sorry to hear about your childhood issues, be strong don’t let your mum bully you. I somehow feel you know how to handle her. Be well and happy 💜😜

  4. Dog over dating! I like it! Still happy to pass on dating right now. Also, I’m always trying to parent the reluctant parents. Sending love & peace. Cheers,H

  5. So glad you and Buddy are soul mates and meant for one another 🙂 He is such a handsome boy too! Sounds like you are dancing and ready to take the lead – go for it and take the lead – you deserve it and it is so in being true to who you are too. Wishing you the BEST!!!

  6. Welcome sweet Buddy to the fold. You’ve fallen on your feet here sweetheart. Glad he;s fitting the couch well!
    Dating? Forget it. Nothing breaks the ice to start conversation than babies and dogs. Dogs are more fun, and more loyal (well, Hubby found me in the ads column thirty one years ago so I guess we’ve done something right!) Happy bonding!

  7. We’re so happy for Buddy and all of you, Jen. Sounds like with you is exactly where he is supposed to be. 🙂

  8. J ~ Reminding you here of a lovely poem, written by a woman with a beautiful heart. This is for you, sweet Buddy ~ D.

    Young dogs will love you
    but the greatest devotion
    is in old dogs’ eyes.

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