Life with a Dog

Now that Buddy’s been here for a few weeks I remember all that I’ve missed by not having a dog in my life.

Like always having a supply of poop bags in my pocket, and never assuming a trip outdoors won’t call for one.

And keeping a ball cap handy for heading outdoors first thing in the morning.

Being able to tell the time based on the way the neighborhood sounds. Do you also have a neighbor that mows at 6 am?

Identifying the Cool House by the number of pee-mails found there. I trust Buddy to fill me in on that one.

Calling neighbors not by their names but by the breed of dog they live with.

As much as I love the cats, there’s just something different about living with a dog.

During our follow-up visit to the vet she voiced concern that Buddy could have low thyroid levels so she sent off a blood sample for testing and it appears she was correct. He’s started on meds and we’ll follow up in a month for more bloodwork so see how he’s doing. This would explain part of his skin problems (he also has allergies) and maybe his feverish desire to snack in the litterbox.

I am living alone now. Buddy and the cats seem to be taking it well. I’m less stressed and I’m sure they sense that. Now the work around here truly begins.

16 thoughts on “Life with a Dog

  1. I am finding it odd not having a dog in the house. I miss my Chev so much. Can’t believe it’s been 2 months since she passed. But I am not sure if I will get another dog. So you are on your own now? That must feel great. Hope it happened without too much drama.

    1. I understand those feelings. I waited two years after Rumpy died, but last Christmas at my brother’s house with his dogs convinced me it was time for another dog. And the reason I bought this house was to have a dog. Am I nuts? Yes, but that’s beside the point.

  2. Having Honey and walking her wherever we go plugs me into a place more than anything else. Cats are adorable. But unless yours enjoy walking outside on a leash, they’re just not going to help you keep track of your neighborhood in quite the same way.

  3. Living alone? I’m sure there’s a story there that we won’t hear. That’s understandable. I’m gad that Buddy is getting the care he needs!

  4. There’s that wonderful devotion in his eyes. Nothing else like it. Someday we hope to have another dog(s). Probably one who needs Final Refuge from Old Dog Haven in Washington state. Buddy was definitely worth the long drive. Love to you all…Diana, Tim & RainbowCatsx12

  5. So glad Bubby is settling in. It is wonderful to have a dog around 💜. I hope the vet issues are sorted soon. Has your mum moved out… You said you guys were on your own 💜

  6. HURRAH!! I am relieved you now have the house to yourself Jen! And thrilled Buddy is settling in so well & that the Felines are accepting Buddy too!
    I’d love a dog but with all the health & mobility issues it is better for me to have a cat as companion. I AM so HAPPY you & Buddy found each other!!!!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma

  7. It’s wonderful to read how well Buddy has settled in, and neat how all the things you had forgotten have come rushing back. My goodness, he is handsome and adorable. That face!

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