Sunday Morning and My House Stinks!

Sunday morning walks with Buddy and Biddy Bit (my nickname for Princess Kitty) are my favorite. It’s usually quiet in our neighborhood in the early morning, but Sundays are even more so. There’s just a different feel to the air. It’s less energetic and more peaceful.

This morning we heard geese overhead and watched them fly across the sky headed to their winter digs.

I saw tree limbs and pine cones in the yard that I picked up after we got back home, and I noticed the rain caused a growth spurt with the grass. I’ll have to mow soon.

The humidity is high and as we walked I felt the pores on my body open up and my clothes start to cling to me. When we walked indoors I felt the cold air cool the sweat and for a brief moment I felt chilled.

And then I smelled it. My house stinks. Dog smells. Litter boxes. Sweaty shoes. Ugh!

I got an email from Fresh Wave asking if I’d like to try their new Pet Odor Removing Spray. I said yes, and I’ve been putting it to good use. It smells like fresh oranges – such a clean, fresh scent for any time of the year.

I’m sure some of you are perfect and wash yours and your dog’s bedding as soon as it starts to smell funny. Me? I’m working two jobs and still trying to get settled into my house. I have windows that are waiting for me to put up the blinds, for cats’ sake!

Fresh wave Odor Removing Spray isn’t going to permanently remove odors, because dogs and cats and humans don’t quit creating odors, but it does remove the ones that are already there, and it gives me a much nicer smelling house without causing harm to my furry family or to me.

If you want to try Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray for yourself, they kindly shared this link (// and Promo Code (PET25) so you can save 25% off your purchase. They have all sorts of products to make your place smell nicer.

Full disclosure: I do not profit off your purchase, but I did get the Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray free to try.

I think I’m going to go use it to spray down my car. My job with the Census leaves me hot and sweaty and now my car stinks too. Ya’ll talking about summer soon being over obviously don’t live in the South.

Oh, and if you were wondering how Buddy’s fitting in? Here he is napping with Little Girl. This is just like she used to do with Rumpy and it makes me happy to see.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Morning and My House Stinks!

  1. Your walk sounded nice! The geese stop in a field we walk past for a few weeks at this time of year before they fly to their winter digs. They can be quite noisy!

  2. Mew mew mew Miss Jenn do you know LadyMew thott you stepped inn doggie poo from titel of bloggie!! Shee iss purrty funny rite??
    That Fresh Wave soundss guud. LadyMew doess not use anythin bee-causee shee iss wurried it cuud make mee sick an shee allergick to alot of sprayss too.
    Orangey scent wuud bee nice…..
    Iss wunderfull yore Littel Girl snuggellss an napss wtih Buddy….so cute…
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiesss)) LadyMew

  3. So cute seeing the two housemates snoozing together. Summer came back to the Mile High City too. I’ll be glad when it’s gone in favor of golden light and cooler temps. Living in a pizza oven is not my idea of living the good life.

  4. Is it a dog/cat combo? Or just missed a day of changing litter trays or walking dogs? My Mika (1 pet/1 human ratio) likes to pull the liner into her tray and pee between the liner and the tray. She’s being a jerk! Cheers,

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