The Fan Still Works!

My insurance company approved me for the Neurostar treatment. I told you my psychiatrist is awesome! I start treatment next week. It’s going to cost me $1100 out of pocket but I’m worth that. I sure hope it helps.

This is Bertram P. Fuddyduddy. He’s one of my mother’s former cats.

In case you were wondering, my ceiling fan still works and the truck driver is gay.

Wait, what?

Seems he got a little excited and sent me a dick pic, but he forgot to check the pic before sending it and this particular photo had a Grindr stamp in the bottom left corner. I thought he stole it from the ‘net because the person in the photo was rather well-endowed, but no, he admitted it was actually him and that he likes to explore on Grindr but he’s not gay because he can’t be because that would be a sin and he’s a Christian so…. You see where this is going. I kindly explained I’m not interested in being his surrogate boyfriend and I’ve not heard from him since.

This is Louie. He’s another of my mother’s former cats.

I was talking to an engineer and he asked if we could meet. He chose a Starbuck’s at a busy bookstore on a Saturday afternoon. That should have been a clue. Haven’t heard from him since.

I had lunch with a man I’ve been talking to awhile but even after meeting I don’t have a good read of him. That’s not a good sign either. If I can’t tell if someone is into me, that probably means they aren’t.

It’s just as well. Best to wait until after treatment to see where I’m at before I start back up with the dating. I need to work more anyway. It’s time to get the roof, gutters, and some exterior trim work repaired and that’s going to cost some money. I also need to pay my state income tax since my employer in the state where I work doesn’t take out taxes for the state where I live. That bill always hurts, though perhaps a bit less this year since I bought a house. Hope so!

And this is Lucy, the third of my mother’s former cats. She and Louie are littermates.

Molly’s doing well. She went to the groomer for the first time this week and looks so cute! She still has the occasional accident in the house but for the most part is pottying outside. This is probably the best I could hope for with her and I can live with that. She gets me up and moving and thanks to her I’m averaging over 10,000 steps a day.

My mother’s cats are officially mine. I called her and asked if she planned to get them anytime soon and she said it was ok for ME to rehome her cats, because why should she do anything to help? After all, she had a ton of cat food and litter she took with her and never offered it to me to help care for her cats. And yes, I know I’m being petty AF. I don’t really care. This is the least of my worries with her.

I’ve scheduled a consult with an attorney to address what to do if someone tries to steal my identity since for some reason my mail keeps getting redirected to my mother and I can’t afford to be too careful. Her address now shows up on my credit report. I have had the mailing address to two credit cards changed to her address without my being notified ahead of time. I receive daily notification of mail that’s to be delivered to me and from those emails I have screenshots of mail that was correctly addressed to me but forwarded to her address. None of that mail seems to have made its way to me, so what’s happening with it? I contacted USPS a few times but they didn’t really seem to care, so I asked my elected representatives to check into it for me. That action has helped for the moment, but who knows for how long?

Molly was not happy about going to the groomer, but she likes her new look.

I’m going to ask the attorney if changing my name would be an option. I know you can’t legally change your name to avoid debt, but it wouldn’t be debt I incur that I’d be avoiding. I’m thinking maybe Molly something something. Miss Molly is ok with it. What say you?

Happy Hanukah to those who celebrate, and if I don’t post again beforehand, a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year to those of you who celebrate those holidays as well. Peace be unto you and unto us all.

Doesn’t this look like an angel holding a dildo? Merry fucking Christmas to you! LOL

5 thoughts on “The Fan Still Works!

  1. Sometimes, our family of origin is not a bargain. Changing our names to remove that association with them can help. I retained my maiden name eight years into my marriage. My mother was an asshole one too many times, and I cut off contact with my parents and changed my name to my husband’s. I didn’t think it would make a difference, but it did. I stopped thinking of myself as related to my parents as much. I saw myself differently, and I left their crap behind. Maybe it would have happened without the name change, just by cutting off contact, but I think there was more to it than that. I stopped thinking of myself as related to them and thought of myself as ME. I am in favor of the name change!

    And yes, the angel seems to be holding something suspect. Maybe a dildo, a french baguette, or a large cigar. I am more curious about the picture behind Bertram P. Fuddyduddy that appears to be a cat baking cupcakes with an interesting caption. As for the cats – think of it as rescue. Those kitties are very lucky to have stayed with you.

  2. I’m glad you’re going to get the treatment that you want. It’s great that Molly is settling in and only having a few accidents – that’s great progress at her age. Good job on the ceiling fan!

  3. I hope you beamed when you shared the fan is still working. Good job, girl! And congrats on getting approved for the new treatment. I hope it helps. Molly looks pretty darn spiffy after her day at the spa. “Fleas Navidog” and Furry Catmess.”

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