Dance Partner

This is the first poem I’ve written in awhile. I was thinking about how I’d like to meet a guy to just have some fun with and how impossible a task that seems in the area where I live in this Age of Trump. I know. I said I’d give up. But the heart knows what the heart wants, and I want this. I’m working on a plan to relocate to a place more conducive to my finding what I want.

It feels good to be creative again.

When nightlife was cool
and people were fun,
a man caught my eye.
We danced in the sun
and loved ‘neath the moon.
We drank from the Cosmos
then slept until noon.

But then came the times
when people would hate.
They’d lash out at others
and desecrate
Love’s core essence
because they could not reach
a state of tumescence.

Are there persons still
who want for more
than to tear down each other
and not know what for?
I long for the days of yore
when we sang, we laughed, and
we loved on the dance floor.

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9 thoughts on “Dance Partner

    1. Yes there is. My pat phrase is the men around here love guns and Trump more than they do (insert P word here). It didn’t used to be that way. I hope there are still pockets of humanity who embrace love over hate.

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