Springtime Walks with Molly

The neighborhood is magical this time of year. Dogwoods, azaleas, and knockout roses are adding splashes of color to an otherwise green world. The photos are from my own yard.

I love walking Molly and seeing what’s new… for the most part.

Faeries jump, prance, and sing
on flowering shrubs to welcome spring.
Trees sparkle with pixie dust
covering buds about to burst
into leaves of green in shades
of kelly, hunter, pine and jade.
Helicopter seeds drop from the trees.
They dip and twirl in the breeze.
Squirrels practice their acrobatics
while crows warn the neighborhood of our antics.

So much to take in.
And then...


Molly spotted a neighbor, glared,
then started barking because she's scared.
The magical interlude has ended
and a dull ache has descended
upon me. Feeling both sadness and anger,
I whistle, sing, and clangor
as we trudge through the gloam,
to calm her down and get her home.

8 thoughts on “Springtime Walks with Molly

  1. I love the Spring!

    It must be quite jarring when Molly’s mood changes so quickly when you’re enjoying nature.

  2. I can only imagine how tough that is, Jen. One minute, the two of you are out enjoying your beautiful springtime walk together, then Molly’s confusion sets in. 😦

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