I Was Banned from Facebook Again

This morning I saw I have a new blog follower:

I like to see the work of those who follow me, so I clicked on the link associated with Nichel, but instead of a blog I found this:

I’m not showing you images of the cam stars, but I will tell you I was more than a little surprised to see women my age and/or my size. So much so that I posted this to Facebook:

If we’re friends on Facebook you probably didn’t see that post. No one did. That’s because Facebook immediately flagged the post, claiming it went against their standards. They then banned me from using the site for 7 days. That includes my personal account as well as Yella Fella’s and the page for Hissy Fit Jones.

Why did Facebook ban me? Because they claimed the comments above facilitate, encourage or coordinate sexual activities and could be offensive to some people.

I believe they target me. I was previously banned for hate speech after I posted a comment on a page and a Trump troll tried to engage me but I declined to respond. The post I was banned for was derogatory toward white supremacists and I’m sure it was my troll friend who got his feelings hurt. Snowflake. 🙄

After this most recent ban I decided to take a little tour to see what some other people are posting on Facebook. To be clear, each of these screenshots was taken this morning (4/23/21) right after Facebook banned me, and was in the public viewing arena.

This is just stupid.

If you believe this, you are the dickhead thug ass punk. Just saying.

This is a screenshot of a video this woman made of herself in an adult toy store, and included her playfully using a crop on herself. This isn’t encouraging sexual activity?

If you think it’s iffy, read the hashtags. Yes, this is in the public domain.

This person is simply disgusting. But he’s still on Facebook.


After I noted my disagreement with their decision a second time, Facebook finally admitted that nothing in my post goes against their community standards and reinstated my privileges. I didn’t take any chances, though, and immediately deleted that post.

I have used Facebook as a place to find support from people I know. I now know I can not depend on that avenue alone. So what to do? Grow the blog and find support here? Find supportive people on a different social media site? Maybe now that some of us are vaccinated I can have more friends in the real world so this won’t even be an issue for much longer.

But for now, I am waiting for the next ban to happen.

27 thoughts on “I Was Banned from Facebook Again

  1. Wow. Everything on social media could be offensive to some people whether it be sexual, religious, political, abuse of children or animals, etc. My younger sister is another example. She is an internationally-known expert and advocate on breastfeeding and early childhood development. She was banned several times, I think for longer and longer periods each time, until she finally gave up and stopped trying to post things that wouldn’t offend the censors. We see you and support you here, Jen, and always will. Love and gentle hugs from afar. (I’ve really missed hugging people and I’m one of those who even hugs random strangers if they look sad or distressed or in need of a hug just because it’s a hard day.)

  2. It’s all gotten so weird.
    Tolerance of people who think/feel differently than another are just demonized.
    There is no sense to what gets approved or nailed.
    Censorship is destructive – and often a form of bullying.
    Just tired of people deciding what is OK and what is not. Far too much like grades 7-12 lunchrooms
    You just want to go “Grow up.”
    Yeah they will run us all back to real people …body language and facial expressions beat emojis

  3. I am constantly banned from Facebook for the dumbest things. I actually have been given 30 days three times. I blogged about it myself. It’s over literally the dumbest stuff. They don’t even like hypothetical answers. I literally said that if someone was hiding in my shower, I would stab them with my toothbrush. I have literally gotten kicked to the curb for talking about reality shows and people have said a lot worse but I constantly get kicked out.

      1. That is HORRIBLE! I had gotten banned for saying “IF I HATED WHITE PEOPLE” which I don’t. They don’t look at context for nothing. SMH. What in the world kind of crochet pattern was that? LOL

  4. Thank goodness you didn’t come across my PornHub page! LOL! A response I made recently using the term “White trash” in response to a friend’s post prompted a 24-hour ban from Facebook. I only maintain a Facebook page for my blog; same thing with Twitter. Many of my friends, acquaintances and relatives actually read my stuff, which is always good.

    I know Facebook decided a few years ago to monitor hate and derogatory speech more closely, especially after the 2016 presidential race. But now they seem to have gone too far to the other side of reason.

  5. It is strange. It took them a very long time to ban Trump.

    Perhaps someone reported your post and they banned without looking properly? That type of thing happens on Twitter.

  6. Yes, I know the feeling. I’ve been punished by a number of websites. Youtube deleted a video I took when I lived in Hollywood. It had been online for years, but all of a sudden it was inappropriate. I don’t get it. I got in trouble with twitter when I said traitors should be hung. Isn’t that what they do to traitors? Hang them? I don’t get it. I guess it offended some traitors.

    1. Yeah, well this past weekend they took down one of my posts that was nothing more than a link to the PreachersNSneakers website that calls out celebrity preachers for how much their shoes and other clothing cost. Amazingly they didn’t ban me… yet.

  7. I’ve been banned for no apparent reason 3 times this year alone on FACEBAKE as BellaDharma calls it! My 2nd exhubby reported me for some non-existent reason & FB banned me for 48 hours. I had not said anything publicly about him…Trust me I wanted to but refrained.
    I feel lot like you; not trusting FB anymore. I have exbloggers from many years ago plus present bloggers plus relatives, local friends & friends who I know from all around the world….I wish FB would somehow get their collective act together….it seems too much to ask for doesn’t it Jen?
    I am here for you!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma

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