No, it’s not like me to write so quickly back to back, but my Muse has gifted me and I now must obey the whims of Hathor.


I want to lie naked with you in the moonlight 
on a dusty old blanket you pull from your truck.
We’d count the stars and make a wish,
but mine would have already come true. 
Lying naked with you,
so close but not quite touching,
we'd stare at the sky, fully aware
of the energy swirling around us,  
from you to me, and from me to you. 
I think we could power the entire city 
with our desire. 
Electrons would speed through power lines,
telling everyone I want you.
They'd dance in the street lights,
kiss in the cool, conditioned air,
twist and gyrate in the washer, take the dryer for a tumble. 
They'd bake in the hot oven until they screamed
through the security alarm.
Then slip through a phone charger back to where we would lie
watching the sun rise. 

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