We Hate You Wednesday!

Hello, and welcome to we Hate You Wednesday, a day I was strong-armed into agreed to set aside for my furry family to voice their displeasure with me, be it real or imagined. Oh, who’s kidding who? It’s always real.

Our very first offering comes to us courtesy of Lucille Sanzibar Oppenheimer, aka Lucy. Ms. Oppenheimer (as I have been directed to refer to her here) was rather upset with me because I chose to do my job rather than pay attention to her. Well, I did pay attention long enough to take the photo. That should count for something, shouldn’t it?

Next up we have Ms. Oppenheimer’s sibling and litter mate, one Louis Fitzgerald Oppenheimer, better known as Lucifer. Here he tells me that he doesn’t care if it’s Saturday, I need to get my ass up. There’s no pleasing this jet-setting duo. I hope travel is soon available again to cats so these two can head to the French Riviera and leave me alone!

And what post about displeasure would be complete without Graybie Baby? Formally known as Mr. Graybow Khitay, he is generally a cheerful chap, and only makes his displeasure known when I pay attention to Molly, another cat, or talk on the phone. He does love videoconferences because he gets to steal the show. I make sure to warn all participants ahead of time.

As you can see, the recent additions are still here. Yes, common sense would dictate that they should not remain here. But dammit, my heart will not allow me. Deep inside I am a softie. Please don’t tell anyone!

21 thoughts on “We Hate You Wednesday!

  1. wee keep yore seecret Miss Jen! How many Kittiess due you ackshully have there?? Wee losted count! Iss lovelee to meet Lucy an Louis THE Lucifur Kittiess!!
    Graybie iss grate to see you again two!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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