We Hate You Wednesday!

Welcome to week 2 of We Hate You Wednesday! The furry ones have all decided this is awesome and maybe we should do it every day. Uh…. No.

There’s no shortage of angst this week, especially now that the baby kitty is here. Everyone is jealous!

First off this week is Bertram P. Fuddyduddy. The P. stands for perturbed, and that he is. He was just starting to make a name for himself on social media when that damn kitten showed up and now everyone is smitten by the kitten.

Next up is Molly, who is mad on principle, mostly because she doesn’t remember where we’re going or why we’re going there. “Just wait a damn minute while I pee then take me back inside!”

And finally this week, Miss Biddy Kitty tells me what she thinks of me making her come inside during a thunderstorm.


Molly is no longer taking Selegiline. She’s taking Fluoxetine to help with the anxiety, but it’ll take awhile to kick in. She’s also got Trazadone for big events, like yesterday’s thunderstorms or the upcoming 4th holiday and its fireworks. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m not hopeful.

11 thoughts on “We Hate You Wednesday!

  1. I hope the meds give you and Molly a bit more time.

    Sometimes, there’s no pleasing cats! I’m sure Miss biddy would not like being out in the rain.

  2. Wee sure hope THE mew medss werk fore deer Miss Molly poochie!! Wee heer too many firewerkss down bye THE water an mee goess rite innto pillowcase to hide!!
    Bertram an Miss Biddy mee hopess thingss get bettur fore you….iss hard to share rite?
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

    1. I couldn’t get her to take her meds today. Pill Pickets worked fine for Selegiline, but not for the Fluoxetine. Yesterday I got her to take it in some cheese. I’m brainstorming for how to get her to take it tomorrow.

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