Riding the Rollercoaster!

I am the only person I know who can meet a man on a dating site and instead of finding a date, I help him find a job. What is it with me?

My life twists and turns in so many different directions. It’s like riding a roller coaster. One minute I’m breathing easy and next thing I know I’m headed over a cliff. It’s scary af but what a rush!

Compare that to the perfectly rigid sticks around me with their perfectly rigid lives. Their paths are straight and flat and well-manicured. There are no weeds in their yards!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My yard is full of weeds. And bees too. I say hello to them while Molly looks around. I fuss at the squirrels. I listen to the birds. No manicured lawn here. Hell, it ain’t even mowed because my yard guy has tested positive for COVID. Seriously, though, please send him healing energy, and some prosperity energy too because his family depends on their small business.

That feral cat that has been eating here at night? He came up last evening and sat in the yard watching me water the flowers. Progress!!! I can’t attract a man to save my life, but I can attract dogs and cats like a magnet. Soon you will be snipped, my little buddy, so at least there were be fewer of your ilk roaming this neighborhood.

It’s fireworks season in the US. Here is one of what I hope is many reminders to you that more beloved companion animals become lost on July 4th than any other day of the year. Fireworks scare animals. Also combat vets living with PTSD, and those who survived gun violence. Please be mindful of those around you when shooting off fireworks. Oh, and never use shooting a gun in the air as a substitute for fireworks. What goes up must come down, and stray bullets kill.

One last request: if you spot an animal you believe is lost this holiday, please do what you can to help them find their way home. Because life presents you with twists and turns too.

12 thoughts on “Riding the Rollercoaster!

  1. we are with you… and we HATE fireworks… maybe the peeps will this year stay away too like last year….. but it sems that all are in party mood this time (why?)

  2. I really hate fireworks too. I’m no fan of perfectly clipped yards either, we like to have weedy plants and the bees. Purrs for your yard guy’s recovery, I hope he recovers fast and easily.

  3. There are lots of bees in our garden. We grow lots of herbs and they are full of bees when they flower.

  4. Worst. holiday. of. the. year. in my books. I’ve exchanged more than a few harsh words with usually liquored up neighbors who shot them off in the alley (despite them being illegal in the city). And your right, perfectly manicured gardens are a sign of someone who colors within the lines and can’t think outside the box. Stay safe and keep smiling. Healing energy and good wishes to your lawn guy.

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