We Hate You Wednesday!

Hello and welcome again to Wednesday, the day set aside for furry family members to tell those of us who are (mostly) without fur what they REALLY think about us!

This week in America, dogs and cats agree that their number one irritation is fireworks! My neighbors began setting them off Monday night and they’ll go on until they’ve all run out of fireworks… or money.

First up this week: Leroy, who until recently was homeless, wants to again remind you to take care with fireworks because many animals – including humans – live outdoors.

Next up our resident hellion Midnight, who despite her fearless demeanor is frightened by loud noises, wants you to keep your companion animals confined indoors when fireworks are being set off.

And let’s not forget our senior pup Molly is also afraid of loud noises. Compounding her fear is CDS, which makes it hard to comfort her. She would remind you there’s still time to develop a plan to ensure your animals are comfortable and safe, that is, if she could remember.

A friend posted this week the importance of pets having collars and tags with identifying information. It makes sense. Microchips are great and I highly recommend them, but if I find your spooked pet Saturday night, it may be Monday before I can access a chip reader. If your pet has a tag with your address and/or phone number, I can get in touch with you immediately. So do both. Also, make sure your contact information is up to date for those microchips.

May your holiday be enjoyable, and may pets and people all remain safe.

29 thoughts on “We Hate You Wednesday!

  1. Last year our state put in legislation to allow fireworks (it was prohibited except for municipalities or parks). What a dumb idea. A lot of groups have been trying to lobby to get it reversed (war veterans or any veterans, all animal rescue groups, people with kids on the spectrum, etc.) but the fireworks lobby must have more power. The different municipalities have fireworks on the 4th but it’s those stupid neighborhood ones that pop up anytime, light or dark, holiday or not, that are the most annoying. Also every year someone gets their hand blown off. Last year it was a kid.

    1. I think they call that acceptable risk and personal responsibility and all that shit. One year a guy around here was shooting fireworks for his kid with the dog outside. The dog got spooked, hit the table where dude was shooting from, knocking over a rocket that shot right into the kid’s chest, killing him.

      If only legislators trusted me with my body as much as they do assholes with fireworks and firearms.

      1. You got that right and there is no acceptable risk for kids. That’s why they have community fireworks where people do it safely. Take your child there!

  2. We’re not fans of fireworks. It’s November (Guy Fawkes) when we a e subjected to them for a few weeks. I hope the weekend is quieter than you expect.

  3. In 2003, when my dog was barely a year old, he accompanied me and a friend to a fireworks show in suburban Dallas. As soon as the booming started, so did Wolfgang’s growling. And then barking! If anything, he was annoyed by the chaos, but not scared. Still, I realize how frightening fireworks can be to some animals.

  4. Our firewerkss will bee tonite fore stewpid Catnada Day…butt wee have herd them since May 2-4 weekend fore Vicktoria Day…any xcuse will due!! LadyMew makess sure all windowss are closed to cut down THE noise an shee nevurr openss patio door if mee is loose. Shee will put mee inn mee Condo an then go out do put down peenutss an seedss. Shee iss furry carefull Miss Jen!
    Midnite iss so cute an Leroy iss a hansum sort man cat inn a Mistur Charless Bronson sort of way……an deer sweet Molly….what a cutie….
    Wishin you a peecefull 4th of July (if only!)
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  5. This holiday is one of my least favorite because of the fireworks. It’s the bane of pets and those who suffer from PTSD. And completely unnecessary. I note that alcohol usually accompanies the worst offenders. Just saying. Stay safe and sane. P.S. The “fur committee” is completely adorable.

  6. We hate the fireworks, too. Especially the bootleg/illegal ones so many people around here seem to love setting off. And it isn’t just on the 4th. It makes us sick when we think of all the animals and people who are frightened and triggered. Stay safe, Dear friends. We hope the weekend is quieter than anticipated.

  7. We are very lucky that Louis Catorze doesn’t mind them, but I feel for people whose animals are scared. Hallowe’en is when we seem to have unnecessarily many fireworks, and that also happens to be his key mischief-making time so I still worry even though he’s not scared.

      1. He has been known to go to the top of the stairs to get a better view of the fireworks. 🤣 Not sure what to suggest for those who are scared, other than lots and lots of Feliway.

      2. I’m not sure it’s bravery or even a conscious thing. I think he’s just too stupid to have any sense of caution! He also goes running after larger cats, dogs and foxes. 😳

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