Bullshit and Banana Pudding

The day after the 4th and my Facebook feed is filled with photos of missing and found dogs spooked by fireworks. One post included a photo of a sweet Pit Bull who jumped into a stranger’s car out of fear. I swear, even after all those posts about the phenomenon, some people never learn.

If you are one of those whose pet is missing, here are a few tips:

  • Let as many people know as possible that your pet is missing. Call the local animal control office, shelter, and rescues. Post to local Facebook groups for lost and found pets. Text your neighbors and ask them to be on the lookout. Ask to be notified regardless. Some folks won’t necessarily tell you if they found your pet deceased; make sure they understand you’ll need that closure.
  • Call local vet clinics. If your pet was injured, a good-hearted person likely took your dog or cat to a vet clinic for treatment. Don’t be a dick and leave that Good Samaritan holding the bag when it comes to paying the bill.
  • Cats tend to not venture far, so leave out a recently worn article of clothing to attract your cat with your scent. Some folks will tell you to leave out a litter box, but I’ve been advised that may simply attract other cats to your home, which could keep your cat from returning.
  • Dogs may roam, especially if spooked, so widen your search area.
  • If you receive tips of a credible siting, leave food and water along with an article of recently worn clothing in the area and check regularly.
  • Don’t give up! Sometimes it takes weeks to be reunited. Keep calling around and looking.

Last night I gave Molly her Trazadone a couple of hours before dark, yet she still was frightened. So were the cats. I live about a mile from the middle school stadium where the city fireworks show took place. Lots of neighbors shot fireworks before and after the main event, so it was very loud here for much of the evening. I remained calm and soothed as best I could, but honestly, it’s damn near impossible to soothe anyone with all that going on.

I’d been longing for some banana pudding. Not that stuff made with instant pudding that everybody makes these days. No, I wanted some made-from-scratch banana pudding, so yesterday I made one. And I gotta tell ya, it is every bit as good as I remembered it to be.

There are some things that are best made the old fashion way. Banana pudding is one of those things. The hardest part of making a pudding is stirring the milk mixture until it thickens into pudding, but if you’ve got your cell phone in hand, you can manage. I used a Southern Living recipe. If cooking isn’t your thing, sometimes you can luck up at a locally owned meat-and-three and get some good banana pudding. The only thing is their pudding is usually warm, and pudding should be eaten cold in my opinion.

Photo by Fiona Art on Pexels.com

I briefly chatted with a man who turned out not to be who he said he was. No surprise there, but his hook was appealing. Scammers can be quite charming, so always trust your gut more than you trust someone you’ve never met in person.

I wrote this poem based on our conversation. Maybe I don’t need a particular muse after all. Maybe all I need is to write about what’s in front of me.

Barry’s Lament

I’m gonna jump through a wormhole
and find another way of living.
I’m over all this working hard 
for a world that ain’t giving
a good god damn ‘bout nothing that’s real,
like the sun or the wind on my face.
I’m running in this hamster wheel 
on a man-made paper chase.

I want to visit museums,
marvel at history and art.
I want to binge-listen to Charles Ives,
read Nietzsche and Descartes.
I want to plant flowers on hillsides
for no reason other than beauty,
And never feel forced to do anything 
for money or for duty. 

I hope you’ll jump too
when that vortex comes ‘round. 
We’ll venture forth like children
mesmerized by all we’ve found.
We’ll give no flips ‘bout money 
or other fake constructs.
We’ll laugh at all our doubters, 
cuz who really gives a fuck?

21 thoughts on “Bullshit and Banana Pudding

  1. I’m not keen on the noise either, I was lucky with Speedy loud noises never bothered him not firework not even the loudest crack of thunder so loud above the house it would make it shake. Our previous Thumper one how ever never like loud noises and my first one wasn’t bothered much either but Thumper would be so scared that he would be wide eyed constantly thumping his foot until we brought him in for a cuddle…not fun for him at all. Don’t know how Titch will be hopefully he will be like Speedy.
    but on to the pudding sounds and looks extremely yummy that I can almost taste it, xx Rachel

    1. from my soul sister! a must read….presently i am having a self-induced (i am told) stroke again! hope somebody somewhere catches me in mid-fall!

  2. LOVE your poem Jen!!!! I too feel the same way!!!!
    And you would think after all the warnings & ads telling people to keep dogs & cats & birds safe there are so many now missing. What part of put your cat or dog or bird in cage or Bunny in a secure room & give them food & water & toys if you can not stay in room with them. It is so simple….I feel badly for the 4 leggeds who get scared & run off. I want to smack the so-called pet owners! Idiots Everywhere it seems Jen 😦

    I was VERY careful July 1st (our Canada Day) as we have fireworks going off from dusk right til midnite between all the cracker idiots & the City’s display…I kept BellaDharma inside. When I went to put out snacks for wild birds & critters, BellaDharma went in her Condo & both bolts on door. I do NOT take chances…..
    It really is THAT simple!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma

    1. I went outdoors for a moment during a lull and heard a dog barking. He was outdoors and terrified, and I truly wanted to find where he was and slap the shit out of his owners… so I went indoors where my pets needed me and I was not likely to get arrested.

  3. Can I ask a question? Why does banana pudding never have chocolate chips in it? And why don’t they make it with Nutter Butters instead of Nilla wafers? (Am I a complete heathen for suggesting this LOL)

    1. I think the chocolate chips would melt in the pudding Because you make it On the stovetop but you could sprinkle them on as you eat .

      Will you make us some and tell us how it goes?

  4. Great advice! A dog I was fostering last year got spooked after running into an electric fence on the golf course. I used more or less all the tips you mention, and they worked! He was found 6 hours later, 5 miles away, bewildered but unharmed. It’s so scary when pets go missing.

  5. Every year I dread the 4th and for good reason. It freaks out pets, veterans and anyone who suffers from PTSD. The FreeDumb patrol was quite active in my neighborhood shooting off loud fireworks until well after 1 AM. I can’t help but hope karma works quickly rather than slowly to reward those inconsiderate jerks.

    1. I hope karma adds to the list the dipshit that shot them off last night for over an hour. It’s as though they were saying they were too good to celebrate with everyone else because they’re special. 🙄

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