We Hate You Wednesday!

Welcome back! The gang believes you’re coming ‘round to stand in solidarity with them as they voice their displeasure with me. No more poetry! No more anything but photos of cats… and ok, the occasional dog photo… but that’s it! I see now that I should have never agreed to this weekly segment.

Alas, some lessons are learned entirely too late.

Well, let’s get going then. First up this week is Bertram P. Fuddyduddy. The P. stands for “Pissed Off” and that is just what he is! He ate too fast yesterday morning and upchucked his breakfast, then last evening he hardly touched his supper, which means he’ll likely be upchucking again today. If only I’d feed him what he wants at each meal, he thinks… and I likely would, if only I knew what that was.

Next up is Ms. Lucille Sanzibar Oppenheimer, who has made it clear she is NOT at all pleased her brother has struck up a friendship with that common little tart of a kitten I brought in. Ms. Oppenheimer is snobbery personified. At least it’s not me with whom she’s displeased… this time.

Last, but not least, it’s none other than Hissy Fit Jones, the creative force behind We Hate You Wednesday! While he looks more sad than angry, I suggest you not get too close or you’ll be sporting scratch marks on your forehead too. My crime? Mr. Jones had an upset tummy he said was caused by my feeding him regular cat food. I put him on a bland diet but he felt he was being treated differently and that was upsetting his tummy, so I put him back on his regular chow and suddenly I’m sucked into the pages of the Little Prince.

Any vloggers out there? I have an idea for an occasional series but have not tried that before and need some tips. HELP!!!!

8 thoughts on “We Hate You Wednesday!

  1. I always say that cats are contrary creatures! But I don’t often say it in their hearing! 😀

  2. Grate to see you Hissy Fit Joness! Mee has missed you mee frend.
    Bertram an Lucille sound like they are BOTH a pawfull Miss Jen! Yore a FURRY GUUD Hu’man to take care of them.
    Grate Aunty Mingflower used to reegurgitate her food dailee two. LadyMew wuud give her only a teeny bit an let her scoff it down….an throw it back up. Then shee wuud feed aunty a propur rmeal an Aunty wuud eat an it wuud stay down.
    Aren’t wee catss amazin?? An sumtimess purrhapss a BIG FAT PITA 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

    1. Thanks for sharing that, BellaDharma! I shall try it with Mr. Fuddyduddy to see if it works.

      Instead of good i prefer to say I am called by my heart to care for them, though my head is thoroughly convinced this is a bad idea. But when a cat looks you in the eye and tells you they are grateful, it’s damn near impossible to turn away.

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