We Hate You Wednesday!

This week the gang is angry about the usual things. Ah, the joys of being a perturbed pet!

We’ll start this week with Hissy Fit Jones. He’s unhappy that the kitten likes him and wants to hang around with him. Granted, Hissy is often unhappy, so what else is new?

Meanwhile Miss Thang, aka the kitten, didn’t appreciate it when I whistled at her. This is the face she made and I’m still laughing about it… though not to her face.

And last, but not least, this week is Miss Biddy Kitty. She’s mad because she’s inside when she wants to be outside. Biddy goes out daily, but today the neighbor’s dog got free from his owner and chased her. I honestly think she ran to get him away from Molly, because she usually stands up to that dog.

My neighbors are an older couple who care for their dog, but the dog has not been trained. He’s walked on a retractable leash, which is not suitable for this – or any – dog, at least in my opinion. A dog as headstrong as Bentley should be on a short leash. This time he pulled away from the woman; last time he pulled her down and she hit the asphalt face-first. Not my dog so walk him as you see fit, but how sad to know that if this dog had been trained properly, he’d be a mighty fine dog instead of the little hellion that he is.


22 thoughts on “We Hate You Wednesday!

  1. We had Maggie on an extendable lead so that she could go ahead, but not too far due to her failing eyesight and being almost deaf. Whenever we saw people, other dogs or crossing the road though, she was always on a locked short lead. Too many times we’ve seen dogs out of control on extendables, and you’re right, it’s doing them no favours.

    1. I think people forget that dogs are pack animals and need an established pecking order. Too often dogs on those retractable leashes (or no leash at all) aren’t clear about who’s in charge, which is the real problem.

      1. Yep. Maggie was a good dog but that was down to the one on one training my husband put in with her as a pup. We encouraged her curiosity, but if she did something we weren’t happy with, we let her know our displeasure and put her on ‘the naughty step’. This was basically anywhere we weren’t, but she could see us. We never carried it over for long, just to get the point across and she knew her place. I miss her terribly.

  2. Miss Jen Hissy Fit Jones is being his usual Hissy self & we adoor him here at THE Purrfect Pad! Hee iss truelee his own cat issn’t hee??
    An THE Thang sweet girl iss so cute! LadyMew whistled at mee last week an mee made purrty much THE same face!! Ummm wee adoor both of youss butt wee are NOT Poochiess….jsut meowin, mew mew mew….
    An Biddy mee wuud not want any loose Poochie runnin at mee eether! An deeendin Molly doggie iss 444 pawss up inn mee bookss!
    Thanx fore another Wednesday post….wee can meow wee hate busybodiess inn our buildin who meow ‘smack’ ’bout us or try to get LadyMew inn trubbell fore carin fore thee Birdiess an Bunniess an otherss! 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  3. A little training goes a long, long way. What a shame that many people do their dogs the injustice of not training them.

    Hissy Fit Jones does look kinda annoyed.

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