Corona is Quiet

Corona piques loudmouths
who doubt if she’s real.
They debate whether she can
be trusted to kill.
Does she prefer old folks,
or will any one do?
Can vaccines disrupt her,
or does she like them too?
Does the color of your skin
determine your fate?
Is it true she likes poor folks;
in the rich she abates?

But Corona? Corona is quiet.
She empties the roadways
and crowded bars.
She covers your mouth
in schools and cars.
She shoves tubes down your throat
to help you breathe.
she shovels the dirt when
you succumb to disease.
Corona don’t care
what your preacher thinks
as she silently weaves
through the towns and streets.

I walk with my dog
on a Saturday morn.
I converse with the birds
not quite overworn
with the sounds of cars
and giggling voices.
Today they’re silent.
This weekend is joyless.
After pretending for months
she isn’t there
she’s coming to visit,
and they must prepare.

Those seeking attention
will stand up, defiant.
But Corona? Corona is quiet.

20 thoughts on “Corona is Quiet

  1. WOW Jen!! What a powerful poem! Thank you so much for penning this piece!! You have explained Corona Virus so peerfectly & peoples’ reactions….
    I am blown away!!!
    {{{hugs}} Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma

      1. Seriously you should post this poem EVERYWHERE!! You say what I’ve tried to tell people from b4 Covid was officially announced & all during this Pandemic! H*LL send it to Toyko Olympics~~the Japanese would adopt you!!! How DO we get people to believe?

  2. you and the furries are geniuses…i love you all of the time! THANKS for sharing your thoughts with people who appreciate their import!

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