The Death of America

Turkey installed an autocratic leader
who preyed on people’s religious leanings.
The same is happening in America.
Propaganda is spread in church meetings,
from Catholic priests hiding their sexual sins
by stoking antigovernment sentiments, 
to mega churches with jean-clad pastors
who reap rewards with their beguilements.

I ache deep within my spirit 
to see such faith in a heartless village,
to know so many will needlessly suffer,
rejecting the science that is His image. 
People losing jobs for Jesus
because they will not vaccinate.
People bullying neighbors who do right, 
spewing bullshit mixed with hate.

Part of me wishes they’d get COVID and die
and leave the rest of us the hell alone.
I’m tired of stupid ruling the day
in governments, politics, the internet, Rome.

If you knew how much government money
fuels this craziness, would you care?
From contracts and grants paying fat salaries
to those sucking her teat directly there.
Food stamp laws finance anti-abortionists.
School lunch money builds churches and spires.
CARES act dollars paid for preachers
and lay persons to proselytize.

America, the land of plenty,
whose people suffer from perceived lack.
We’re the greediest people on the planet,
through our idiocy She’s paying us back. 

11 thoughts on “The Death of America

  1. So what you are saying that only your view is the correct one. You do know that was very popular in Nazi Germany and still today in Russia and China. You want a totalitarian state,oops, world based on your views only.

  2. A must read for all. A must awakening for all. It’s frustrating and sad to see how America is breaking apart. It can’t sustain this way. The pandemic ignited a wildfire, Politics and People’s indifference sustained the wildfire. 2022 will be a scary year of this worsens. Take care.

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