The latest on Molly

Tomorrow Molly and I are going to the vet.

Each time we go I wonder if this time will be the last. It’s true the decision is mine to make, but if you’ve ever loved a furry, you know it’s never that simple.

Molly’s case is especially difficult for me, because it’s hard to tell what exactly is going on with her. With other loved ones who suffered from a terminal illness I could somewhat tell when it was time to let go.

But Molly’s CDS has progressed to the point that she is on automatic pilot most of the time, so there are no signals like those I experienced with other companions. We walk each morning and she seems to do ok, but she isn’t engaged and the rest of the day she’s lost. She struggles to squat and potty and she has a tremor in her left rear leg. The lipoma on her chest has grown so large that her right front leg turns inward now, and sometimes I notice she minimizes the weight she puts on that leg. All this despite a daily dose of Carprofen for pain management.

Molly sleeps much of the day, and I’ve noticed her breathing is more labored. I’m sure it’s difficult to get comfortable with that thing bulging out of her chest. Despite all this her appetite is good, so I wonder, is she truly hurting or am I fearing the worst?

I’m grateful to have a team of caring and supportive veterinary professionals working at the clinic I frequent. They take good care of my furry family and believe, as I do, to do what you can but don’t prolong the inevitable at the expense of quality of life. I trust them to see her situation objectively because I can’t.

This was filmed an hour before publication.

I pray your beloveds and you never suffer from this most horrific disease.

24 thoughts on “The latest on Molly

  1. Sweetie was a great little dog. She developed cancer, which we had treated. Throughout the treatments she developed a heart condition. Her final day was so surreal. She was hemorrhaging from the mouth, but was in good spirits. Keith took her to the vet. She didn’t come home! One could say it was a good ending for a fabulous little dog.
    My only concern was that she didn’t suffer… She didn’t.

  2. We know you will always, always do what’s best for your beloved furries, Jen. We are so glad you have honest and caring veterinary professionals who can help you make those quality of life decisions. We feel the same way about our vets, and consider ourselves so fortunate for that. Hugs and all good thoughts to you and Molly.

  3. Deerest Miss Jenn this diss-order iss pawfull…iss it sorta like “Doggie Deementia”?? BellaSita sayss it iss….wee KNOW you due yore best fore Molly. An wee here to support you both with ***purrss*** an POTP an purrayerss an lotss of ❤ ❤ ❤
    ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~ an ((hugss)) BellaSita

  4. If only they could tell us how they feel! I’ve been in this position with an old dog, and it’s so hard – each time they survive a vet visit it feels like a reprieve. I hope you and Molly had a good outcome today.

  5. Jenny, I can semi-relate. When Angus was nearly 18, we realized he didn’t hear us most of the time, cataracts kept him from seeing clearly, he was not interested in ANY of the things he’d formerly enjoyed (if we went exploring in a field, for example, instead of sniffing and discovering, he stared at me, as if he were asking, “What are we here for?”) he seemed to lose balance and he slept all the time. I know he was hurting, if nothing else than due to age. The vet said we’d know when it was time. And we did. He also reminded us doggies have a high tolerance for pain and endure a lot before they show it outwardly. I hated the thought that he was hurting.
    It’s been said our furries give us some of the happiest days of our lives and our saddest day. So true. I still cry over our 2. I’m crying right now! Only you can make this hard choice. Weigh it carefully – I know you will – so you don’t live with regrets.

    1. When I walked into the clinic the candle was lit and I wondered if it was for me. But after a check from the vet and a discussion, I decided to try an increase in pain meds to manage her pain. I’ll give it a few days and see.

    1. Actually now that I’ve been to the appointment I’m having to rethink that. The techs lit the candle for a euthanization but the vet recommended I go to a specialist for surgery on Molly? I was flabbergasted!

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