Satan in America

Satan is a white man
whose daddy gave him lucre,
but like most bratty children
it wasn’t near enough.
So he became a slum lord
robbing poor folks of their money.
When they complain about him,
he calls them lazy schmucks.

Satan has a talk show
where he glorifies his assets
and talks shit ‘bout the rest of us
who care about each other.
He lies about the climate’s state,
health care, and religion.
He often trends on Twitter
‘cuz he’s such a stupid mother.

Satan’s in the pulpit
wearing costly jeans and sneakers.
He tells you God would like it
if you’d give a little more.
He says you can’t get COVID
if you just believe in Jesus,
‘course if you’re there in person
you’ll give all he’s asking for.

Satan ran for office
with all his minor demons.
They’re passing laws to make sure
only his believers vote
so he can stay in power,
make a lot of money,
fuck young pretty women
with his hands around their throat.

Satan is the CEO
of a multinational company
and he’s a voting member
of the board for several more.
He votes to make more money
with the stocks that he’s been given
while the workers earning chicken feed
are by all standards poor.

Each thing he does is legal.
Each thing he does is valued
by capitalist thinkers
who love money ‘oer it all.
There may not be a god
or a spirit or a fairy,
yet Satan is most very real,
He’s America’s real Idol.
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6 thoughts on “Satan in America

  1. Perception is all; one percieves a relatable personality. ThankYou for bringing to attention the value in skepticism and the need for self analysis.
    Grime, pass it on, and that way the shit show is always coming or going¡ It is, the time necessary to realize the bullshit, when society deems that unnecessary, and inspires movement. Keep it mov’in!

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