Incantation for Justice

I read at Ravenhawks that today is a good day for incantations for justice, so here is mine.

Mother of All, giver of life
to all that is, was, and will be:
we call upon your creations
to lift up healing energy.

It is time for a reckoning.
This world is hurting and must heal.
But first, our threats to her need end
and we acknowledge this is real.

Together we call for justice
and for reconciliation
for this world whose joy was stolen,
her natural resources taken
and squandered to line men’s pockets
with paper of imagined worth.
A shared illusion that money
has more value than Mother Earth.

We demand our Mother’s children
wronged by those pursuing power
gain justice from their oppressors
and at last peace fill their bower.

It’s time to end inequities
that money and power create.
Let this incantation bring peace
and banish all who stir the shit.
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