It’s a Matter of Perspective

Photo by Thomas Shockey on

They move across the landscape
at a slow and steady pace,
their stomachs aching.
As those who are hungry are wont to do,
they seek the low-hanging fruit.
So into our neighborhoods they come,
not to reclaim all we’ve stolen,
but to partake of our bounty.
They eat our flowers.
Destroy our gardens.
Dine on food left for pets,
and the pets too.
They dig through our garbage,
leaving a mess behind.
We have the audacity to think we’ve been wronged
when in actuality
we expected them to play by our rules -
and they did.
Photo by Mary White-Cornell on

11 thoughts on “It’s a Matter of Perspective

  1. YES They deserve our love and protection. If you’re worried stay with your pet outside. It’s our big brain job to make sure they’re all safe. Sorry, not sorry for the rant but jeezus

  2. Whether a person is an Atheist or a Believer, the animals were here first. It infuriates me when people build their homes somewhere so they can “enjoy nature” and then freak out when they see a bear, a mountain lion, a wolf, a poisonous snake. No matter the situation, I am ALWAYS rooting for the animals.

  3. You nailed it, Jen! Personally I love seeing (and sharing with) assorted wildlife in my urban neighborhood but cringe whenever the NextDoor app is full of terror about ‘marauding and crazed’ wildlife just trying to survive in their territory. Insert rolling eyes here.

      1. Me too. Everyone (particularly millennials) seems to go into full panic mode at a mere sighting. It’s heartbreaking to hear fear based bias against them. “No Karen, coyotes will not snatch your kid from the school playground.” 🙄

  4. We don’t have either of these two gorgeous furries in Australia, Jen. We do have kangaroos, wallabies and koalas though. Dingoes are still common in the outback, but are cautious and wise and keep well away from humans, except on some small islands where they have no choice!
    I adore the raccoon. What a fabulous looking character! I’ve seen videos on youtube. They are such mischievous little critters. We don’t really have a similar animal.
    But, we sure do owe them all a good living!!!

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