I Am…

I am nitrogen and oxygen,
earth and air.
I’m bones and blood
with some fat thrown in there.
I’m all my ears hear
and all my eyes see,
all my skin feels,
the smells surrounding me.
I am raindrops in the morning
dripping from the tree.
I’m fireflies in the evening,
dancing wild and free.
I’m music and laughter,
poetry and art.
I’m mundane and madness,
daydreams and pie charts.
I’m curiosity
and mindless drivel.
I’m snarky memes
and big piles of piffle.
I’m innocence and wisdom,
healing and scarred.
I’m who and what I am-
old school meets avant-grade.
I’m every punch doled out
and every one taken.
I’m what happens to a woman
when her spirit awakens.
After years of hiding
for fears of not fitting in,
I present the authentic
and indomitable Jen.
Photo by Frank Cone on Pexels.com

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