A few short months ago we celebrated with the Goddess as she and the Forest Spirit brought forth life to the earth. Now as we celebrate all that her fertility has given us, we also mourn with the Goddess over the loss of her children.

We help her bury her dead by mulching leaves, cutting back plants and doing all those things we must do to prepare our gardens and fields for winter. We remind her that death is a part of life, and that new life will again spring forth. We prepare for that time by planting bulbs and bushes.

It is in this time of mourning that the veil between this world and that one we know nothing of is the most sheer, making it easy to connect with the energy of “the other side.”

Samhain, one of the major Pagan holidays, is a time to celebrate life and take stock. Do I want to remain on this path or take a detour? Divination is a part of the celebration. Now is a great time to get a Tarot reading by an established and reputable practitioner. It is also a time of feasting. Sure, most of us will feast on chocolate and booze while in costume, but there is much to partake of as we welcome newcomers into our midst and spend time with the memories of those who have left us.

For those of us who are engaging in energy work, we feel the closeness of death as it whispers to us in our dreams. So we take steps to protect ourselves. Just as we lock our doors as night, energy workers recite incantations. I’ve burned so much sage I’m surprised the neighborhood Karen hasn’t called the cops on me.

My personal energy work is focused on letting go of the negative energy of those who disrespect me. I held onto it for years; now it is time for say goodbye and send it back from whence it came. The truth has set me free, and I ask nothing less for those souls who wish ill of me. I confess, I take a rather selfish sense of pleasure in knowing the pain they will endure getting there, but hey, karma bitches!

As people speak lies, so can energy mislead us. Listen fully to its’ intent and don’t get caught up in its’ gamesmanship. Tricksters will haunt you in your dreams. Mess with your electric. Torment your pets. If you do have an energy visitor, keep an eye on your dogs. Cats do not tolerate their foolishness, but dogs can become easily confused.

No matter the malfeasance they create, rest assured they won’t be around long. The veil will close as we march toward winter. We will revel in Christmas, yet another holiday Christians stole from the ancients and rewrote to “civilize” us. Whatever. The ancients worshiped life. Most Christians I know worship money and their own reflection in the mirror. I’m sure you aren’t all that way, but why can’t you do something about all these outliers? I mean, isn’t that what you demanded of Muslims after 9-11? Practice what you preach!

Speaking of practice, here is an incantation to recite for this special time of year:

The Goddess mourns her children
who have given up their lives 
and through their very essence
in turn nourish our own.
We thank Her and Her children
as we prepare for winter,
letting fields go fallow,
bringing herds back home.
Let us feast with those souls
who have gone on before us
and welcome those who join us
as we journey forth.
Let's contemplate our future
as we bear these cold, gray mornings,
find the path to travel
that leads us to our joy.

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