I Wish

I wish 
one day
I see
them pay
for wrongs
they do
to me
and you.

It won’t 
happen though,
cuz we 
all know
the courts
are flawed.
The politicians 
are bought.
The bosses?
Preachers want
your money. 

Average folk
like me 
are taught 
to be
grateful for 
whatcha got,
don’t ask
for alot.

All we
had asked
was for
at last
acknowledge our
inherent humanity.
Alas, ne’er
to be. 

29 thoughts on “I Wish

  1. This poem describes how I felt about my Ma & how she mistreated me, my Father & then my adopted siblings….she died 30 years ago & I still am conflicted even after all these years plus counselling. All I ever wanted was for her to accept me & love me. But she was incapable of that. I often wonder if she realized just how twisted she was??
    Anyway thank you for another stunnign poem!
    (((hugs))) BellaDharma an **purrss** BellaSita

      1. You are far more informed of current events than I. I didn’t even know there was a governor’s election in Virginia. Thanks for letting me know. No one stirred up the racism it was already there,

      2. I looked up the election and see how Youngkin won. “Winsome Sears will become Virginia lieutenant governor, CNN projects, becoming first female and woman of color in the office.”

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