Christmas is a’ Comin’!

And I have already decorated! Yeah, I know, a lot of people have said it’s too early. So what. I haven’t felt like celebrating the holidays in a long time. This year I’m going all out, and I don’t care if it’s only me and the furries. We are having a Christmas, y’all!

Last weekend I put up my tree.

Isn’t he cute? We call him Frosty. I put him in the dog pen because he’s afraid of the Kitten, and…. well… he isn’t house-trained. As you can see, he’s left frozen pee crystals everywhere! At least that’s what the Kitten says, and why on earth would she lie about that?

I have also put up some outdoor inflatables. It’s funny because my next door neighbors still have up their Halloween decor and other neighbors are doing the Happy Fall Y’all! thing. There is one other family with a tree up. I’m certain the others will soon acquiesce. It’s so easy to lure them to the dark side!

In true holiday fashion, the Outdoorables are a hard-partying gang! The photo above was taken last evening. The one below? This morning.

This looks like the aftermath of an Ecstasy Rave! What on earth were they doing last night?????

Whatever it was, it left Mrs. Claus with a big smile on her face. That must be some powerful mistletoe ya got there, Santa! Ya think I could have some?

And will you look at the cat? What on earth was SHE doing?????

At least the campfire is still standing, which is good, because we have a freeze warning tonight so they’ll need it.

The season is new, so who knows what all this gang of hellions will get into?

Stay tuned!!!!

30 thoughts on “Christmas is a’ Comin’!

  1. I LOVE your “Frosty” tree! So clever and creative. We’re decorating now, too. I think we all could use some extra cheer this year.

  2. It’s never too early. Love the Snowman tree! I leave some of my inside decorations up all year. I put up the wreath last week and got the wooden St. Nicolas and dixie cup snowman out this morning. Our inflateables went up Wednesday. Before i inflate them the Holy family and the angel look like they have been in a big brawl. I have to detangle them before they will inflate. We live in a wind tunnel so we’ve had to adjust the tie downs six or seven times.

  3. There’s a flock of inflatable turkeys in our neighborhood, but also a dragon wearing a Santa hat! And six jack o’ lanterns on the steps next door. Lots of holiday celebrating!

    We’re all so glad you’re in a happier state of mind this year. It’s almost Advent Calendar time again…where did the year go?! One will be arriving in your inbox soon.

    Love & loud purring from the whole gang ~ Rocket, Daisy, Nicky, Colby, Violetta, Tiki, Amy, George, Holly, Joey, Duckie, Louis, Boots, Sunshine and Pippa!! OMC MEOW!

  4. Your tree is GREAT, Jen. Will the kitten scale that fence? Is it just a matter of when it will happen?

    How fun that you you are getting Christmas started now. Why the heck not?

  5. That does look like some party! I hope they didn’t make too much noise and keep you all awake.

    The Christmas lights were officially turned on in London this weekend.

    Households never decorate until December. Perhaps we should surprise everyone!

  6. Dad says there was a time when he’d have bitched about the timing, but these days, especially with what we’ve all gone through lately he says to each their own. I have to add, however, that he can’t stand those inflatables.

  7. Looks like something went wrong with Santa…MOL…We also want to Thank you for your Birthday wishes for Me and My Granny, they warmed our heart and brightened up our day💗 Extra Pawkisses for you🐾😽💞

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