So This Happened…

Molly had surgery Tuesday to debulk the huge lipoma on her chest. It had grown so much it was pressing against her brachial nerves and had pushed her leg out causing it to bow. The lipoma was behind muscle, making it difficult to reach and impossible to do anything with other than leave a cavern in her chest. A cavern that could fill up with fluid. And it did.

Yesterday morning we went outside to potty and I noticed dripping from the incision. Why do these things always happen on weekends? I called the emergency vet clinic and followed their instructions. FYI: almost no vet in this area opens their clinic on Saturday. Molly seems ok and the leaking has stopped for now, but I will call our vet Monday.

While I was worrying with my leaky dog, the kitten managed to pull down the snowman tree. I was able to get him back up and he seems none the worse for wear. Kitten, captured below in a rare moment of stillness, also stole the bandage tape and attempted to steal a Dove chocolate. On a side note, is it just me, or did Dove up the amount of wax they put in their Promises? They don’t taste as good as they used to.

This morning Molly and I spent some quality time together on the couch . Graybie joined us and made this cheesy Zen facial expression. It’s so ridiculous.

I have a new friend and we’re meeting up tomorrow for coffee and conversation. True, coffee dates have not exactly worked in my favor, but I’ve been texting and talking to this friend for almost three weeks now, so I fully expect him to show. Who knows what will happen afterward? Meeting in person after online introductions is the hardest part. Photos, videos and even phone chats don’t tell you what kind of person they are like that all-important coffee date will tell you.

I will be on guard for my triggers, and if we decide to continue this friendship I will have a conversation with my new friend about them. My out-of-control PTSD has caused more damage to my life than anything else. But enough is enough. The best way to combat triggering is saturation, hence my rejoining the dating swamp looking for a fellow toad of my species to muck about with for a bit.

I’ve also applied for a couple of jobs that interest me. I’m not unhappy where I am now, but I am tired of working two jobs. Actually I’m tired of working a second job where I’m treated shabbily. If I had a second job where I am respected like I am in my “real” job, I’d be content. But gig work is not where that is at, and since it’s against the law to punch people in the face when they’re rude to you my only viable options were to take it or move on. I chose to move on.

In case you were wondering, the Clauses were at it again. This time I caught them playing leapfrog! Geez, you two!

If you are of a mind to, please send energy our way. Molly for healing and me for strength to move forward in my quest to have my heart’s desire. And if you would hold onto something green while you send that energy our way, so much the better!


24 thoughts on “So This Happened…

  1. Good luck with the coffee date! Hopefully Molly’s stitched have healed now. You try to avoid having that kind of op with old dogs but there are times when you just can’t avoid it.

  2. ROFL!!! Oh Jen…I agree that sometimes just being able to smack someone upset the head or a good face punch would alleviate ALOT of stress!!! I revert to punching my $240.~ pillow. Seriously it helps with my neck/shoulder pain & my frustration!
    I wish you all the luck meeting the gentleman for coffee…..please let him be a ‘keeper’!!! You deserve a nice fellow….
    I gave up a long time ago. And now I am too old (in mind & spirit) & do not want to attempt a relationship. YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!
    BellaDharma sends POTP & I send healing prayers. Dear Molly & you have been thru so much!! I hope she will be all right!
    (((hugs))) BellaSita Mum (Sherri-Ellen) & **purrss** BellaDharma

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