speaks to me
in the early hours of the morning.
She says it don’t matter
I’m ugly, old, and fat,
there’s a place for me at
her table.
She bids me come sit.
I bask in her glow.
I revel in the peaceful flow
of others to this chamber.
We sit tall, smile wide.
Contentedness fills us inside.
Should a guest
get out of hand,
a withering look
is all it takes
to make
humble the offender.
After awhile
I say I
must go.
She knows
in the land where I dwell
she is not welcome.
But she says I am free
to accompany
her at any time of my choosing.
So I say,
at least for today,
I will stay.

7 thoughts on “Dignity

      1. Well, on the upside, women outlive men? So, we can laugh when we are the last ones standing? My older sister is just grumpy. She wouldn’t want to call me fat. I prefer cuddly also. I’m just shy of 50. Just! Cheers,H

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