A short story about gratitude:

Because of local supply chain issues I’ve had to order all my furry family’s food online. I’m especially grateful for having sufficient stock for those us with lots of mouths to feed.

My latest order arrived Tuesday, just in time to get us through the holidays and week ahead. So imagine my surprise to find another box under the carport when Molly and I went out last night.

It was a Chewy box with a FedEx label addressed to me, and inside was a duplicate of my latest order. I checked the app to see if I’d inadvertently ordered twice but had not, so I contacted Chewy, explained what happened, and offered to pay for the additional food. But no, they said there was no need.

Thank you to the Goddess and to anyone else whose actions inadvertently or intentionally sent us this windfall. We are most grateful.

Thank you to my hair stylist who made a pot of coffee just for me so I could have a cup while waiting for the color to do it’s thing.

Thank you to the vet clinic who let me bring Molly by Monday just to make sure all was well. It was.

Thank you to the woman who smiled at me in the crazy busy grocery yesterday. I had inadvertently pulled into her path and apologized. She shared a pleasantry and went on her way. I don’t know why that particular connection touched me, but it did.

And thank you for the way each of you touch my life. I don’t always recognize it, but when I do, it’s an amazingly powerful and positive experience.

May the Mother of All bless you as abundantly as she has me.

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The woman living in my skin today
is not the same as was this time last year.
The one here now is brazen and duce;
the one before was frozen in her fear.

Last year’s model programmed thus to worry,
to see life as a painful, empty void.
New, improved Jen knows the lines are blurry,
not hard and straight, but softer and dendroid.
Every day I celebrate remission.
Particularly today I rejoice
this long reprieve from severe depression
and healing through the raising of my voice.

Ashamed no longer of my painful past,
I’ve found the joy of beingness at last.

17 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. What a pawsum thing Chewy did fore you Miss Jen. Honesty DOES count fore sumthin rite??? An wee are so happy you had more guud thingss happen to you.
    Happy Thanxgivin to you an all yore Kittiess an deer Molly poochie!
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) BellaSita Mum

  2. We love your list of thankful things, Jen. Please know that we are thankful for you, too. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  3. Chewy is awesome! So many of my furriends have received special cards and gifts from them.

    I feel for the poor UPS guy who has to schlep the heavy Chewy boxes up to my porch!

    Also, I’m grateful for your blog.

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