The End is Near

I’ve spent the morning lying on the couch wondering what my final vacation day should be like. I’ve decided it should be spent lying on the couch.

Yesterday I cooked. I cooked cheese grits and bacon for breakfast and later made a pone of cornbread and heated some pinto beans and turnip greens for supper. I also made potato salad and a pineapple casserole, but to be honest I don’t care for the pineapple casserole. I’m going to heat some up later and see if it’s any better; if not, it’s trash. I don’t cook, but I can cook.

Kitten said she wanted to learn to cook, but she soon became bored and ran off.

Molly and I are both excited about her staples being removed Tuesday. We’re hoping she gets an all clear for regular walks. We both miss them.

During my vacation I was introduced to Lofi Girl and I have fallen into her rabbit hole. Smooth. Slow. Peaceful. There are albums and playlists on Apple Music and Spotify. There’s also a YouTube channel. Check it out when you need some down time.

Lest you think all I did on my vacation was rest and enjoy myself, I also managed to: 1) learn how to change my dryer’s language from Spanish to English, 2) discover that a Roomba can suck up a soda bottle top, 3) figure out the difference between cornbread and a corn pone and, as previously mentioned, 4) research the origins of gelatin, which, by the way, has been around since ancient Egyptian times.

Now to make it to Christmas, when I have another week off.

19 thoughts on “The End is Near

      1. I can’t say hearing the recipe makes that sound better! Sorry. But then, I don’t like pineapple, so it probably doesn’t matter what the recipe says. I hope the other food carried you through!

  1. That’s your best deal for a vacation day, be not busy. The food sounds great! Pineapple and cheddar, though, not so sure. Hope you enjoyed the time!

    I’m glad I can finally see your blog again! For some reason I quit receiving notifications from about half the blogs I read. I’m tired of playing tech so I found a workaround. I have to catch up on the newcomers in your menagerie!

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