More Holiday Antics

I have two Santas in my yard and neither of them know how to behave.

This is drunk Santa. Every night He falls flat on his behind drunk, and every evening I have to go help him get up to do his job. So embarrassing, especially around the children.

And mistletoe Santa? Well look what I caught him doing the other day: he popped Mrs. Claus in the face! I called the cops but they refused to take action; they said I was blowing things out of proportion and needed to get my priorities (and his arm) straight.

I did get a family photo idea for my holiday cards, though it needs a few more cats. What do you think?


11 thoughts on “More Holiday Antics

  1. Photos always benefit from more cats – if you can get them to keep still for long enough! 😀

    Your drunk Santa reminds me of a living nativity scene we went to see in Spain. Students pose as a nativity scene for the evening. We went to see it quite late, after we’d been out to dinner. They had been drinking and it was very X-rated by then!

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