Silent Night

Another Christmas spent alone.
Another eerily silent night.
Another year of wishes blown
on better days; instead this blight.

Another batch of sage advice
from people who I’m sure mean well,
insinuating it’s my vice.
Pull my bootstraps up from hell.

Single men get all the pity:
gifts and cards and meal invites.
Single women get the side eye,
silence, neglect, verbal slights.

In these days we women know
how we are shunned and we are used
by lazy sots whose lives are low.
They say, “at least I’m not like you!”

I will sit and I will cry,
then wipe my tears. One day you’ll see,
when your life, too, has gone awry,
that there was nothing wrong with me.

14 thoughts on “Silent Night

  1. Single women seen as a threat and take all the blame when a man does wander – it’s sad. If men are so weak and vulnerable, slaves to their urges, why do they think they should run the world?

    It looks like the kitten is having fun!

  2. It’s the time of year that portrays unrealistic expectations for many of us especially with the Hallmark Channel showing movies that don’t help with its ‘happy ever after’ message and pressure for coupling as the only form of happiness. Nonetheless, we’re wishing you a day that filled with peace. Give the critters extra loving from us.

  3. I feel you sister! I’m staying home by choice as if I’m spending so much time alone i might as well do it where i dont lose all of my independence? At least in my home i can be comfortable, cool./ do my own washing & dishes. Making a Garfield-sized lasagna! I feel it hurts less if you dont tell people until after? (Edit or delete. Its ok)Cheers,H

  4. Altho it is a sad poem you wrote; there is so much truth to it Jen. I have been married 5 times…yeah a literal ‘handful’. Divorced 3 times & I always got invites between marriages. My last 2 marriages ended in the Hubbies dying: Paul in 1996 & then Kevin in 2003. I was with & engaged to Jon from 2004-2006. After the assault that almost took my Life & my move into County Housing for my own protection (I was evicted from my place); I came to see how little women are valued.
    Friday is my Birthday & that is MY day!
    Xmas Day is going to be NFL Football; SmartFood Popcorn; Velour PJ’S & playing toys with BellaDharma……
    It WILL be a good day….I refuse to let society or Covid bring me down….
    (And keep in mind my StepSister & entire family abandoned me in 2014. One day I had a family & then one day they were gone.)
    I guess I am trying to say no matter what has happened to get us to this point; we can enjoy ourselves…..
    Sending you Good wishes & lots of ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & ***purrss*** BellaDharma

    P.S.: Kitten is adorable! <3'

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